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The Tao of Law Librarianship: The Truth About Blogging


Connie Crosby is Library Manager at WeirFoulds LLP in Toronto, Canada. She is a regular contributor to Slaw, a co-operative weblog about Canadian legal research and information technology, writes her own self-titled blogs for law librarians. and is the Canadian correspondent on Jim Milles’ law library podcast Check This Out! She is Co-Chair of the Northeast Regional Law Libraries Meeting to be held in Toronto – October 17-21, 2007, and currently serves on the Executive Board of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries.

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Features – Dennis Kennedy’s Legal Technology Predictions for 2006: Small Steps for Most Firms, Giant Leaps for a Few Firms

Dennis Kennedy’s Legal Technology Predictions for 2006: Small Steps for Most Firms, Giant Leaps for a Few Firms

By Dennis Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy is a well-known legal technology expert, technology lawyer and blogger. His blog and his web page are highly-regarded resources on technology law and legal technology topics. He is member of the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s Council and Webzine Board.

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Faulkner’s Practical Web Strategies for Attorneys: New Year’s Resolution: Update Your Website

Frederick L. Faulkner IV is the Webmaster of the American Bar Association. Fred discusses the “big picture” regarding the Internet, marketing, and business at his Website, From the 21st Floor

Faulkner’s Practical Web Strategies for Attorneys

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Features – Researching Laws and Information on Nutritional and Dietary Supplements On the Web

Researching Laws and Information on Nutritional and Dietary Supplements On the Web

Joel Rothman is an attorney with the Florida law firm Rutherford Mulhall, P.A. where he practices intellectual property and business litigation. Joel maintains The Nutritional and Dietary Supplement Law Blog, a legal weblog on nutritional and dietary supplement regulation and litigation.

Published January 15, 2006

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Beyond Google and Yahoo: Advanced Search

Looking for innovative, comprehensive, focused and reliable alternatives to the limited number of search engines that you have become all to used to relying upon for your research? If so, then Tom Mighell and Sabrina I. Pacifici‘s guide from their ABA TechShow 2006 presentation should be on your reading list.

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The Tao of Law Librarianship: Librarian on the Verge of KM

Connie Crosby discusses the many paths that lead to implementing knowledge management solutions, as well as the collaborative process and applications already in use at many firms that that represent a useful foundation upon which to build and expand future programs and goals.

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Campaign Finance and the Internet: A Commentary on the Online Freedom of Speech Act

Beth Wellington discusses the divergent positions of key organizations and groups on the regulatory and legislative controversy over Internet free speech, campaign finance reform, and blogging. She provides links to legislation, news releases, government documents and blog postings on the issue.

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Bloggers Beware: Debunking Nine Copyright Myths of the Online World – Updated

Kathy Biehl directly and concisely tackles key issues related to copyright infringement on the web, whose misinterpretation can have significant consequences.

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