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LLRX.com is a free, independent, one woman owned, edited and published e-journal in its 28th year of continuous publication, with a diverse and highly engaged readership of professionals who are experts in many disciplines.

LLRX.com was established in 1996 by Founder, Editor and Publisher Sabrina I. Pacifici who has been an active, pioneering and innovative member of the online legal community since its inception. Sabrina created the journal PLL Perspectives in 1989, and served as its only Editor and Publisher until 1996. She then focused her efforts on the new and evolving arena of web publishing, and developed one of the first online journals on web research targeted to the legal community – and the only solo independent publication in this sector that is still actively published – 28 years later.  Debuting in November 1996, LLRX.com was quickly established as a reliable “go-to” online resource for researchers to effectively and pro-actively leverage and implement the expanding expertise and knowledge of individuals and groups in the legal community by sharing best practices through an open access website. With Sabrina as the sole Editor, Publisher and Site Manager, LLRX has consistently been recognized as a publisher of focused, comprehensive, well-documented, non-partisan, content-rich, up-to-date topical guides and actionable information on web-based applications, services and knowledge discovery, for researchers in the legal, academic, government, corporate, news and public interest sectors.

LLRX and beSpacific follow the lessons of effective communications from Clear Writing Means Clear Thinking Means…by Marvin H. Swift – From the Harvard Business Review Magazine (January 1973). This is not an easy effort given the contentiousness of social media, but it is an achievable goal.

LLRX.com offers a monthly edition of new articles and columns, guides and topical resources comprised of comprehensive, reliable and wide ranging topical content to support actionable projects, research, teaching/training/learning components for professionals and students in law, academia, the public, private, news and advocacy sectors. LLRX.com works with nationally recognized law librarians, attorneys, journalists, knowledge managers, analysts and innovation professionals, technology thought leaders, and public interest professionals to bring readers regular, reliable, current and expertly documented articles, bibliographies and guides – a long term contribution to a vital, dynamic and expert global community of researchers. LLRX also delivers a high value weekly column on cybersecurity, cybercrime and privacy issues – by Pete Weiss – to keep readers abreast of challenging and fast moving issues in these critical areas. In 2023, LLRX added a new bi-monthly column – AI in Banking and Finance – with which readers can track the fast moving impact of AI on global financial sector.

LLRX has maintained an active Twitter Feed (over 25,000 postings), updated daily, with content unique to this feed, since 2008. However, since the purchase of Twitter and its transition to a new model under the trademark, X, my daily updates are now available via my Mastodon handle – https://newsie.social/@bespacific Maintaining a commitment to reliable, actionable resources, this feed focuses on issues that include: law and technology, civil liberties in the U.S. and around the world, high profile government documents, the changing role of libraries in the 21st century, environmental law, education, privacy and civil liberties, the climate crisis and global warming, the economy and financial sectors in the U.S. and abroad – among other topics.

Sabrina’s blog – BeSpacific – Accurate, Focused Research on Law, Technology and Knowledge Discovery Since 2002 / updated daily – is included in the Top 100 Legal Blogs 2017 & 2016 and the ABA Web 100:

“No one better has her finger on the pulse of the legal information world than Sabrina Pacifici, law librarian and author of the blog BeSpacific,” writes legal tech expert and blogger Robert Ambrogi. “Launched in 2002, BeSpacific is one of the longest-running legal blogs and, remarkably, Sabrina seems more prolific today than ever. She posts multiple items every day, covering the gamut of law, technology and knowledge discovery and topics ranging from cybersecurity to legal research to government regulation to civil liberties to IP and more. For me, BeSpacific is one of my daily must-reads and has been for 14 years straight.

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Contributing to LLRX.com

LLRX provides readers with a dynamic forum in which to share their expertise and current topical information, and encourages interested authors to consider submitting original materials – articles, presentations, resource guides, blog postings, book, e-book, music, food, poetry, and tech reviews. Please e-mail me at spacific[at]earthlink.net.


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