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Lisa M. (Bradford) Mayo - Director of Data and Analytics, Ballard Spahr LLP. Nov 1989 – Present. Philadelphia, PA * Established an ongoing data literacy initiative reaching across all departments and roles. * Employs enhanced prescriptive and predictive data analytics skills to work towards successful outcomes for clients and the firm. * Utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist in business operations and help firm leaders come to the right conclusions, faster. * Applies strong interpersonal and business analytical skills to re-engineer processes with a goal of minimizing risk, increasing revenue, and realizing additional business development opportunities. * Widely regarded as an expert in data and analytics for law firms. * Makes use of strong communication skills and public speaking training to engage firm stakeholders at all levels. Previous positions at the firm include: -Director of Firm Applications -Financial Applications Manager -SQL Database Administrator -Programmer/Analyst

How Data Analytics Can Change the Way Law Firms Do Business

Lisa M. (Bradford) Mayo, Director of Data and Analytics at Ballard Spahr LLP identifies how and why data and analytics are on the forefront of much of the firm’s modern technology offerings. Unlike many firms, Ballard’s data and analytics function sits inside their Client Value and Innovation department, where they have some latitude with a research and development budget and the directive to “fail fast” if they determine a proof-of-concept did not meet our needs. The firm’s data management mission statement says in part that we “contribute to the firm’s strategic goals by using innovative technologies, a variety of flexible and adaptive data sources, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and ongoing data literacy education to help redefine the Firm’s internal performance objectives and accountability drivers and transform how the Firm delivers legal services to its clients.” Just 48 words but loaded with meaning and purpose, both for now and in the foreseeable future.

Subjects: AI, Big Data, Case Management, Competitive Intelligence, Ethics, Information Architecture, Information Mapping, KM, Leadership, Legal Marketing, Technology Trends