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Christine Park, Adjunct Professsor of Law. Christine joined Fordham Law Library in January 2021 as a George A. Strait Fellow and is now teaching Basic Legal Research. She is also a Reference Librarian at New York University’s Law Library. She earned her J.D. from Boston University School of Law in 2018, and a Master of Information from Rutgers University in 2021.

DRM On My Mind

Christine Park, Adjunct Professsor of Law, Fordham Law Library highlights risks of and legal restrictions related to digital rights management. LLRX welcomes further discussion of efforts to implement solutions, “before it’s too late.” See also David H. Rothman’s article Will Amazon’s new ePub capability help the anti-DRM movement?

Subjects: Copyright, KM, Law Librarians, Libraries & Librarians, Library Software & Technology, Publishing & Publishers (Legal), Technology Trends