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Reference & Instructional Services Librarian, Law Library, University of Wisconsin - Madison

While Putting Your Boots On – Fake News Detection Tools & Strategies

Genevieve Zook’s article is an actionable pathfinder to identifying inaccurate and false content published and shared online in multiple formats, including: news, social media activity, videos, photos, speeches and government documents. Zook references reliable tools and resources authored by librarians, educators, researchers and journalists that apply techniques critical to distinguishing the Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose of information with which we interact daily.

Subjects: AI, KM, Legal Research

Technology and the Generation Gap

Genevieve Zook’s forthright, insightful and timely commentary addresses the challenges of balancing the push for gadgets and applications with the concepts of direct customer contact and value added services.

Subjects: Features, Gadgets, Law Firm Marketing, Legal Research