Day archives: February 15th, 2006

E-Discovery Update – by Fios Inc. – Defining A Standard for Admitting Electronic Evidence at Trial

Conrad J. Jacoby addresses the standards for the admissibility of electronic evidence, which as he documents, remain unsettled and open to significant variation.

Subjects: E-Discovery, Legal Technology, Litigation Support

The Government Domain: FirstGov Becomes First in Government Search

Peggy Garvin reviews the new and improved search engine for finding what you need on U.S. government sites. She highlights the best new features of FirstGov search, and provides screens shots to illustrate her points.

Subjects: The Government Domain

The Tao of Law Librarianship: Do-It-Yourself Professional Development, Part II

Connie Crosby relates the experiences of several colleagues whose career development paths led to opportunities to work in libraries abroad, and on projects that they may not have otherwise considered. Their stories highlight creative ways to develop professional credentials as well as to expand personal horizons.

Subjects: Communication Skills, Law Librarians, Libraries & Librarians, Library Marketing