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Latest Links – Center for Latin American Capital Markets, etc….

(Posted April 16, 1998; Archived May 1, 1998)

mb.gifCenter for Latin American Capital Markets

This site has five sections: Exchanges and quotes which provides links to all the stock exchanges in the region that have a Website; Research which provides access to original research and the site’s complete database of quotes on the major markets and links to other research tools; General Economic Data which provides links to original sources of relevant economic data; Country News which has the site’s weekly newsletter Latin.Net and other local sources of news; and What’s new which is a historical archive of changes to the site.

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Newstand – April 1998

April 1998

newstand.gifSearcher, March 1998

Feds in a Web World: Public Domain v. Copyright, p. 35. Should government generated databases reside in the public domain? The pros and cons are discussed. Don’t miss the sidebar defining the “Can’s, Cannots’, Maybe’s, and Should’s” when it comes to copying government produced electronic information.

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Features – Thinking About Linking, Part I: Can Law Accommodate the

Thinking About Linking Part I Can Law Accommodate the Power of the Internet to Share Information? By Bradley J. Hillis

Bradley J. Hillis is a member of the Washington state bar, and the author of “Internet Experiments in Electronic CourtFiling,” “Considerations When Placing Court Opinions on the Internet,” and “Legal Research on the Internet: A Simple, How To Guide.” He lives in Bellevue, Washington, and is a legal analyst for the Office of the Administrator for the Courts.

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Extras – Internet Legal Research Bibliography

Internet Legal Research Bibliography By Jerry Lawson

Jerry Lawson is President of Netlawtools, Inc., specializing in Internet training and web site design for attorneys. He is the designer of the Internet Tools for Attorneys web site,

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Notes from the Technology Trenches – April, 1998

Notes from the Technology Trenches

By Elizabeth H. Klampert

Elizabeth H. Klampert is the Director of Library Services for the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Ms. Klampert was formerly a litigator for five years, specializing in professional liability litigation. Before attending law school, she was a corporate librarian for twelve years, holding management positions in libraries in a number of large organizations, including Rainier National Bank in Seattle, Deloitte & Touche, and Merrill Lynch, both in New York. She received both her BA in English and MLS from the University of Washington in Seattle. She received her JD at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York.

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Extras – Versuslaw Review

Versuslaw Review By Bryan M. Carson

Bryan Carson is Bryan M. Carson is the Reference and Computer Services Librarian at Hamline University School of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Bryan received his J.D. from the University of Toledo, and his Master’s in Information and Library Studies from the University of Michigan. Bryan is the author of “Finding Resources in Philosophy and Ethics,” in Carson and Carson, Mindsearch (Big Rapids, MI: Ferris State University, 1993). An updated version is available at He is also the author of “Librarians need certification and licensing,” in AALL Spectrum, June 1997.

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ResearchWire – Update to Year 2000: Millenium Milestone or Mishap?

ResearchWire Update to Year 2000: Millenium Milestone or Mishap? By Genie Tyburski

Genie Tyburski is the Research Librarian for Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the editor of The Virtual Chase:TM A Research Site for Legal Professionals .

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Features – Tips & Trends: New Web Sites and Related Services for Legal Researchers

Tips &Trends: New Web Sites and Related Services for Legal Researchers By Sabrina I. Pacifici

Sabrina I. Pacifici has been a legal newsletter editor and publisher for the past decade, as well as a law librarian in Washington, D.C. for 18 years. She is the Editor, Publisher and Web Master of Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX).

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