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Center for Latin American Capital Markets

This site has five sections: Exchanges and quotes which provides links to all the stock exchanges in the region that have a Website; Research which provides access to original research and the site’s complete database of quotes on the major markets and links to other research tools; General Economic Data which provides links to original sources of relevant economic data; Country News which has the site’s weekly newsletter Latin.Net and other local sources of news; and What’s new which is a historical archive of changes to the site.

NAFTA Connect

The archives section of this site provides a list of NAFTA related sites on the Internet.

The NAFTA Home Page

This page is hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce–International Trade Administration–Office of NAFTA & Inter-American Affairs Market Access and Compliance. The site provides access to the NAFTA Text, NAFTA Facts documents, The NAFTA Border Home Page, Additional Trade Related Resources, and Web Site of Special Interest (i.e., NAALC, NADB, BECC, FTAA).


This search engine site is produced by Mecklermedia for searching information related to the Internet. It searches those sites which provide reputable and dependable Web and Internet information. Mecklermedia publications, government agencies, corporations, industry organizations, and other publications sites are searched.

Trade Compliance Center

This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce and accessed from the department’s Market Access Compliance site. It provides an online database whose goal is to help strengthen foreign compliance with international trade pacts. There are over 200 agreements accessible alphabetically, by country/region, by issue, or by using the search engine. There is market access information for nearly 100 countries which can be browsed by country, region, or report. The type of reports that are available are Country Commercial Guides, Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices, National Trade Estimate Reports , and Trade Policy Review Summaries. There is also a page of links to trade information Websites.

U.S. Court of Federal Claims

The Opinions and Orders of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims are provided on this page which is hosted by the Dept. of Commerce’s Office of the General Counsel’s Website.

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