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Latest Links – Center for Latin American Capital Markets, etc….

(Posted April 16, 1998; Archived May 1, 1998)

mb.gifCenter for Latin American Capital Markets

This site has five sections: Exchanges and quotes which provides links to all the stock exchanges in the region that have a Website; Research which provides access to original research and the site’s complete database of quotes on the major markets and links to other research tools; General Economic Data which provides links to original sources of relevant economic data; Country News which has the site’s weekly newsletter Latin.Net and other local sources of news; and What’s new which is a historical archive of changes to the site.

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Newstand – April 1998

April 1998

newstand.gifSearcher, March 1998

Feds in a Web World: Public Domain v. Copyright, p. 35. Should government generated databases reside in the public domain? The pros and cons are discussed. Don’t miss the sidebar defining the “Can’s, Cannots’, Maybe’s, and Should’s” when it comes to copying government produced electronic information.

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