Newstand – April 1998

Searcher, March 1998

Feds in a Web World: Public Domain v. Copyright, p. 35. Should government generated databases reside in the public domain? The pros and cons are discussed. Don’t miss the sidebar defining the “Can’s, Cannots’, Maybe’s, and Should’s” when it comes to copying government produced electronic information.

ONLINE – March 1998

Filtered News Services: Solutions in Search of Your Problem? p. 15. This article dicusses how to evaluate the variety of filtered news services that are now available, and includes a charge of the more common products for enterprise solutions.

On the Net Single Searching Versus Megasearching, p. 73. Greg Notess tells us the drawbacks and highlights the best of, multiple Internet search engines.

“Researching People” on the Net, p. 55.

N.Y. Times, April 7, 1998

Time and Technology Threaten Digital Archives. Will the data stored electronically still be around for our grandchildren to read?

FindLaw: Metasite Extraordinaire, p. 66. Universally acclaimed as one of the best subject-specific metasites on the Web, FindLaw is an essential resource for the legal researcher, offering a combination of a powerful search engine, links to everything from Supreme Court decisions and state codes, to CLE info and discussion forums. Add this one to your Bookmarks, and this article to your reading list.

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