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Kenneth Jones oversees various aspects of technology at Tanenbaum Keale LLP (TK) in the role of Chief Technologist. He also serves as Chief Operating Office of Xerdict Group LLC, a wholly owned technology subsidiary of TK who provides sophisticated, SaaS-based legal matter management systems and other use cases applied to automate common legal workflows.

The expanding role of technology in the law firm business model

The premise of this article by COO and legal technologist Kenneth Jones is that individual capabilities and excellence (either legal or technical) standing alone are not enough to ensure long-term, sustainable success. No superstar technologist or lawyer is equipped to do it all, as there are too many specialties and functional roles which need to be filled. Rather, a better approach is to construct team-based, cross-functional units that offer greater operational efficiency while building in layers of redundancy that reduce the potential for surprises, errors, or disruption. This comprehensive and actionable guide validates deploying the cross-functional team approach across the enterprise.

Subjects: Information Management, KM, Leadership, Legal Profession, Legal Technology, Management, Team Building