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Julie Bays: I embarked on my legal career at the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office in 2002, where I specialized in prosecuting antitrust and consumer protection cases. My commitment to the public interest extended beyond the courtroom, as I actively served on several influential task forces and committees, including the Oklahoma Bar Association Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, the Federal Trade Commission’s Southwest Netforce, and the National Attorneys General Association Antitrust Policy Task Force. I taught a range of Continuing Legal Education classes for the State of Oklahoma, covering topics such as Electronic Discovery and Ethics, The Zen of E-Discovery, and The Risks of Identity Theft and Consumer Fraud. As part of my advocacy, I traversed the state to educate consumers on identity theft, internet fraud, and other types of consumer scams. In recognition of my expertise and dedication, I was appointed Chief, Assistant Attorney General of the Consumer Protection Unit in 2013. In a significant career shift in November 2018, I joined the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) as their Practice Management Advisor. My role involves working closely with the OBA Management Assistance Program to equip attorneys with efficient technological tools and management techniques to streamline their practices. I also contribute to the OBA’s Access to Justice initiatives, notably the Oklahoma Free Legal Answers program. Reflecting my proficiency in legal technology, I serve on the Planning Board for the prestigious American Bar Association’s TechShow 2024.

Artificial Intelligence Tools and Tips

Jim Calloway, Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program and Julie Bays, OBA Practice Management Advisor, aiding attorneys in using technology and other tools to efficiently manage their offices, recommend that now is a good time to experiment with specific AI-powered tools and suggest the best techniques for using them.

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