Monthly archives: January, 2008

Burney’s Legal Tech Reviews – The Better Digital Mouse Trap, an All Purpose Travel Bag, and a Shiny Cell Phone

Brett Burney reviews an innovative travel mouse holder, a really fine all-purpose travel bag, and a reliable, full featured cell phone without all the extraneous bells and whistles.

Subjects: Burney's Legal Tech Reviews, Gadgets, Mobile Technology, Product Reviews

The Government Domain: 2.0

Peggy Garvin reviews the new interface, new features and capabilities, and roster of participants on what has been dubbed “ 2.0,” released in December 2007 by OMB.

Subjects: E-Government, Government Resources, The Government Domain

Criminal Law Resources: Criminal Defense Investigation

Ken Strutin’s comprehensive, detailed guide highlights selected online resources describing defense investigation standards and practices, training and certification options, as well as useful guides and educational materials.

Subjects: Criminal Law, Features, Legal Research

Social Networks for Law Librarians and Law Libraries, or How We Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Friending

Debbie Ginsberg and Meg Kribble discuss how social networks create links between people, forming connections based on interests, expertise, past employment or education, and friendships. They specifically focus on how law librarians can use social networks such as LinkedIn, Ning, Facebook, and even MySpace to promote useful websites and legal resources as well their own expertise and interests.

Subjects: Features

Reference from Coast to Coast: Learning to Love Those 50 State Surveys

This month Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen focus on sources of multi-state legal research. They advise that before you begin your research, identify the area, such as statutes, case law or regulations, to facilitate a more efficient and effective result.

Subjects: Reference from Coast to Coast

Reviewing the XO $100 Laptop

Conrad J. Jacoby provides a comprehensive review of this retro PCs composition, features and functionality as well as an user’s perspective on its performance and value to its target audience, children between the ages of six and twelve.

Subjects: Features, Gadgets

FOIA Facts: The Impact of the OPEN Government Act of 2007

Now that Congress has passed and the President has signed the FOIA Amendments known as the OPEN Government Act of 2007, many wonder what the new law does and doesn’t do for FOIA requesters. Scott A. Hodes reviews the major provisions of the new law and how it will or won’t affect FOIA requesters.

Subjects: FOIA Facts, Freedom of Information, Government Resources, Legal Research