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Wendy H. Wong, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto. Research Lead at the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society, and Canada Research Chair in Global Governance and Civil Society.

As U.S. Capitol investigators use facial recognition, it begs the question: Who owns our faces?

In the age of Big Tech, we need to grapple with what expectations we can and should have about who has access to our faces. The recent riot at the U.S. Capitol has put the question into the spotlight as facial recognition becomes a vital tool in identifying rioters: What is the power of facial recognition technology, and are we ready for it? Professor Wendy H. Wong discusses what are the costs and consequences of losing our faces to data, including the right to privacy and our ability to live our lives free of surveillance.

Subjects: AI, Civil Liberties, KM, Legal Research, Privacy, Technology Trends