New Normal Start Up Resources 2021

As we collectively work toward establishing a post-coronavirus future, there is a need to go beyond identifying operational goals, objectives, products and services tied to work in physical locations. For both existing organizations and startups, effectively pivoting to a future that includes routine remote work and online collaboration that drives all facets of management, development, marketing, and communications. This guide identifies a wide range of actionable resources that can help empower new companies and established public and private sector organizations as they navigate challenges and leverage new opportunities.

Sections Include:

Idea Validation – How To Validate Your Startup Idea
Lean Startup
Customer Development [CustDev]
Minimum Viable Product [MVP]
Funding/Venture Capital/Seed Capital/Angel Investing
Landing Page Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Tools, Resources, New Normal and Videos

Idea Validation – How To Validate Your Startup Idea

Codigital Real-Time Ideas Engine

Contriber – Unlock the Potential of Your Startup

Four Simple Low Resolution Innovation Tests – how to validate your innovation

Hoaxy® – Visualize the Spread of Claims and Fact Checking

How Do We Identify Good Ideas?

How to evaluate your business idea

How To Test Your Business Idea

How to Validate Your Business Ideas Without Spending a Dime

Javelin – Idea to Successful Product

Mindly – Organize Your Inner Universe

Proof-of-Concept Revolution – Fast Track Open Innovation

So you want to do a startup?

startHow to Test Your Minimum Viable Product

Test your startup idea


50 Bootstrapping Hacks for Every Stage of Your Startiup

BootStrapp email newsletter

The Bootstrappers’ Bible by Seth Godin (pdf)


15 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching Investors

How to Craft the Perfect Marketing Elevator Pitch

How to Not Suck at Pitching Your Idea

How to Pitch an Idea

Lean Startup
Running Lean – Iterate From Plan A To A Plan That Works

The Lean Startup

Customer Development [CustDev]

95 Ways to find your first customers for customer development or your first sale

Genus AI – Understand and Engage With Your Customers In An Emotionally Intelligent Way

The Most Important Elements of Interviews with Prospective Customers

Tips for Customer development

Twelve tips for customer development interviews

Minimum Viable Product [MVP]

How To Build A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

How to test your MVP

MVP Doesn’t Mean Anything

Proof-of-Concept Revolution


Burnout – Connected Apps To Run Your Startup

How to Launch Anything – by Nathan Barry

How to effectively launch your new product or service

How to launch a new product

LaunchingNext – Best Startup Tools

Mastering Product Launches – A course by Nathan Barry

The Art of Launching an App: A Case Study

YoungStartUp Ventures

Funding/Venture Capital/Seed Capital/Angel Investing

Crowdfunding Resources 2021 White Paper Link Dataset Compilation

CB Insights Venture Capital Database

Marketplace for pre-IPO investments

New Trends In Startup Financing Explained For Laymen

The Techstars Foundation

Term Sheets

The Eight Best Questions We Got While Raising Venture Capital

Venture Capital Basics

Venture Capital Database

Landing Page Optimization

11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages

36 Articles and Resources to Help You Complete Your Next LPO Project

A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

The 8 Questions That Create Perfect Landing Page Copy


10 Essential PR Tips for Startups

109 Ways to Make Your Business Irresistible to the Media – “The publicity is there for the taking.” by Patrick Garmoe about marketing your business via press attention

22 Tips on How To Operate a Trade Show Booth

92 Ways to Get (and Maximize) Press Coverage

99 Tips for Poor Web Startups

eMarketingBot – 2021 Search Engine for Marketing Resources

eMarketing Miniguide 2021

Engine – The Voice of StartUps In Government

How Do I Get My First Few Customers?

How Do I Sell A General-purpose Tool?

I Pitched @TechCrunch And 13 Ways To Get Press When You Launch Your Startup

How to Demo your Startup Parts One & Two

How to get massive traction & usage to your product?

How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup – A Complete Guide

How to get press for anything

How to get press coverage

How to pitch your company to investors, customers, and employees

How To Scale Your Values Along With Your Startup

HOW TO: Sign Up Users Even Before You Launch Your Startup

JustReachOut – Attract Journalists – Pitch With Relevance

Leading With Purpose: How Marketing and Sales Leaders Can Shape the Next Normal

Secrets to Pitching Your Business to Magazines and Blogs

Startup Marketing Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Shameless Self-Promotion for Startups

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing

The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Kit for Startups

What are the best places to get press coverage for a SAAS B2B tool?

Where To Find Your First 2,000 Beta Signups 

Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Psychological Principles of High Converting Website (+20 Case Studies) 

The 9 Steps to a Better Conversion Rate [Infographic]

The Definitive FAQ List for Conversion Rate Optimization

The Definitive How-To Guide For Conversion Rate Optimization

Tools, Resources, New Normal and Videos

12Manage – The Executive Fast Track

27 Best Websites and Resources for StartUp Founders

2020 Holiday Season: Navigating Shopper Behaviors in the Pandemic

2020 Season Recap: Building and Scaling New Business

2020 Year in Review: Highlights from Our Publishing

2021 Directory of Directories

2021 Guide to Finding Experts by Using the Internet

2021 Guide to Finding People Resources and Sites

2021 Guide to Internet Privacy Resources and Tools

2021 Guide to Searching the Internet

2021 New Economy Resources

a16z Podcast: Designing a Culture of Reinvention

Accelerating Analysis to Navigate COVID-19 and the Next Normal

Adapting to the Next Normal in Retail: The Customer Experience Imperative

A Dual Cybersecurity Mindset for the Next Normal

After the First Wave: How CIOs Can Weather the Coronavirus Crisis

Agility in the Time of COVID-19: Changing Your Operating Model in an Age of Turbulence

All the Internet of Things (IoT) Forum 2020

“And Now Win the Peace”: Ten Lessons From History for the Next Normal

An Early View of Post-COVID-19 Discretionary Spending in Asia

An Operating Model for the Next Normal: Lessons from Agile Organizations in the Crisis

A Post-COVID-19 Commercial-Recovery Strategy for B2B Companies

A Pandemic Digital Silver Lining: Companies Digitized Many Activities 20 to 25 Times Faster During COVID-10

Are Telcos Prepared to Lay the Foundation for the Digital Future?

A Return to “Normal”: How Long Will the Pandemic Last?

A Tale of 2020 in 20 McKinsey Charts

BetaList – Discover Tomorrow’s Startups, Today

Beyond Coronavirus: The Path to the Next Normal

Biological Informatics 2021

Biological Revolution: Innovations Transforming Economies,  Societies, and Our Lives

Blackboard Collaborate – Scaling to Meet the Needs of a Changing Environment

Bloomberg U.S. Startups Barometer

Box Notes – Real Time Online Note-Taking for Teams

Building a Stronger, More Inclusive U.S. Workforce

Business in 2020 and Beyond

Business Intelligence Online Resources 2021

Business Plans and Startup Assistance Resources

Bytestart – The Small Business Portal

Caffe – Deep Learning Framework

Capturing Value in the Cloud

Charting the Path to the Next Normal

China: Still the World’s Growth Engine After COVID-19

Clarity – Startup Advice from World Class Experts

Connected World: An Evolution in Connectivity Beyond the 5G Revolution

Consumer Sentiment and Behavior Continue to Reflect the Uncertainty of the COVID-19 Crisis

Consumer Sentiment Is Evolving as Countries Around the World Begin to Reopen

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Census Data That Can Help Your Business

COVID-19: A Guide and Checklist for Restarting Your Business

COVID-19 Demographic and Economic Resources

COVID-19 Forced Companies to Act Fast and Executives Are Planning Big Changes to Keep Up Momentum

COVID-19: Implications for Business

COVID-19: Saving Thousands of Lives and Trillions in Livelihoods

COVID Response Center

CrunchBase – Discover Innovative Companies and the People Behind Them

Crushing Coronavirus Uncertainty: The Big Unlock for Our Economies 

Current Awareness Tools 2021

DataCleaner 5.1 – The Premier Data Quality Solution

Derisking Corporate Business Launches: Five Steps To Overcome the Most Common Pitfalls

Digital Strategy In a Time of Crisis

Diigo – Collect, Annotate, Organize, and Share Web Content

Doing Business 2020 – Objective Measures of Business Regulations for Local Firms in 190 Countries

Elevating Customer Experience Excellence in the Next Normal

Entrepreneurial Resources 2021

Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Executive Views on the Future of Work

F6S – Where Founders Grow Together

Financial Models for Startups

Financial Resources 2021

Firesub – Reusable Checklists for Teams

Five Priorities for Corporate India in the Next Normal After COVID-19

Five Ways to Design a Better Mental-Health Future for a Stresses-out Workforce

Four Ways to Keep Teams Calm and Focused During a Crisis

From a Room Called Fear to a Room Called Hope: A Leadership Agenda for Troubled Times

From Surviving to Thriving – Reimagining the Post-COVID-19 Return

From Thinking About the Next Normal to Making it Work: What to Stop, Start, and Accelerate

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Predictions for “Resetting Everything” in 2021 and Beyond

Getting Your Organization Ready for a Digital Transformation

Global Capability Centers in the Next Normal

Global Map of Coronavirus Innovations

Global Surveys of Consumer Sentiment During the Coronavirus Crisis


Guide to Privacy Resources 2021

Gust – Global SaaS Funding Platform

Healthcare in 2020 and Beyond

Health Pathfinders 2021

Higher Ed Will Never Be the Same – The New Normal

How CIOs and CTOs Can Accelerate Digital Transformations Through Cloud Platforms

How Consumer-Goods Companies Can Prepare for the Next Normal

How COVID-19 Has Pushed Companies Over the Technology Tipping Point – and Transformed Business Forever

How Firms Can Become More Resilient in the New Normal

How Middle East and Africa Retailers Can Accelerate eCommerce: Imperatives for Now and the Next Normal

How Six Companies Are Using Technology and Data to Transform Themselves

How the Pandemic Can Lead to a More Sustainable Future

How to Build a Data Architecture to Drive Innovation – Today and Tomorrow

How To Restart Your Stalled Digital Transformation

How US Companies Are Planning for a Safe Return to the Workplace

inc42 – Indian Media and Information Platform

India’s Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery: The M&A Imperative

Information Quality Resources 2021

Is Remote Work Our Destiny?

Jump-starting Resilient and Reimagined Operations

Knowhere – The World’s Most Unbiased News

LaunchingNext – Best Startup Tools

Leadership’s Role in Fixing the Analytics Models That COVID-19 Broke

List of Startup Resources – Score

mailomix – Online Strategies for Small Businesses and Solo Entrepreneurs

Managing the Fallout from Technology Transformations 

Marketing the Future: How Data Analytics Is Changing

Marvel – Simple Design, Prototyping and Collaboration

Meet the Next Normal Consumer

Most Stringent Lockdowns Aren’t Necessarily Worse for GDP

Navigating a Crisis: Why Company Culture Is Key

Navigating to the Next Normal: The First 100 Insights

New Economy Resources 2021

New Normal at Work

New Normal (Business) – Wikipedia

New Report Predicts Tech Could Fuel an Age of Freedon – or Make Civilization Collapse by Edd Gent

Nine Scenarios for the COVID-19 Economy

Nomad List – Best Places In the Word To Live and Work Remotely

OBS Studio – Free and Open Source Software for Video Recording and Live Streaming

On-Demand CTO Services for Your Startup

Online Courses the New Norm in College

Planning for a Strong Recovery: Here’s Your Six-Step Roadmap–here-s-your-six-step-roadmap

Planning for the Post-COVID-19 Workforce: Four Scenarios

Post-Pandemic Retirement: Can We Build More Resilient Systems?

Predictions for the New Normal – Harvard Business Review

Prediction Markets 2021

Pricing Through the Pandemic: Getting Ready for Recovery

Privacy Resources 2021

Privacy, Security and Public Health In a Pandemic Year

Public Sector Tech: New Tools for the New Normal

Rapid Revenue Recovery After the Crisis: Strategies for Success

Rapid Revenue Recovery: A Road Map for Post-COVID-19 Growth

Ready, Set, Go: Reinventing the Organization for Speed in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Rebooting Business 2020

Reimagining Consumer-Goods Innovation for the Next Normal

Reimagining Industrial Operations

Reimagining Marketing in the Next Normal

Reimagining the Post-Pandemic Organization

Reimagining the Post-Pandemic Workforce 

Reimagining the Way Businesses Operate

Remote Starter Kit

Reopening Cities After COVID-19

Reopening School: What it Might Look Like

Reset and Reallocate: SG&A in the Next Normal

Resetting Capital Spending in the Wake of COVID-19

Rethinking the Future of American Capitalism

Risk, Resilience, and Rebalancing in Global Value Chains

RIVAL – Automated Competitive Intelligence Platform

Software and the Next Normal: A Talk with Workday’s Cofounder and co-CEO</strong


Startup Genome – Accelerate Startup Ecosystem Development

Startup Graveyard

Startup Law Glossary

Startup Patterns – Bit Sized Startup Lessons for Busy Founders

StartupPlug – 1000+ Curated Startup Resources

Startup Resources – Startup Tools Delivered to Your Inbox

StartupStash – Curated Directory of Resources and Tools

Startup Tracker

State of Startups 2019

Subject Tracers 2021 by Marcus P Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.

Taskade – The Unified Workspace

Ten “Antipatterns” That Are Derailing Technology Transformations

The Big Boost: How Incumbents Successfully Scale Their New Business

The CEO Moment: Leadership for a New Era

The CIO Challenge: Modern Business Needs a New Kind of Tech Leader

The Complete StartUp Toolkit (The Best Free Online StartUp Resources Right Now)

The Consumer Sector in 2020 and Beyond

The COVID-19 Recovery Will Be Digital: A Plan for the First 90 Days

The Day After – Navigating a Post-Pandemic World

The Domino Effect: How Sales Leaders Are Reinventing Go-To-Market In the Next Normal

The Emotional Toll of COVID-19

The Emotion Archive – Emotion Index

The Essential Landscape of Enterprise AI Companies

The Future Is Not What It Used to Be: Thoughts on the Shape of the Next Normal

The Future of Business: Reimagining 2020 and Beyond

The Future of Car Buying: Omnichannel, Personalized and Fun

The Future of Cities

The Future of Fashion: Sustainable Brands and “Circular” Business Models

The Future of Work – 64% Prefer a Hybrid Work Scenario Post COVID-19: New Salesforce Study

The Great Consumer Shift: Ten Charts That Show How US Shopping Behavior Is Changing

The Great Reset Global Innovation Survey Reveals Major Post-COVID Mindset Shifts

The Impact of COVID-19 on International Higher Education: New Models for the New Normal

The Journey to Agile: How Companies Can Become Faster, More Productive and More Responsive

The McKinsey Download Hub

The New Normal – McKinsey

The New Normal – NBR

The New Normal – NPR

The New Possible: Human Stories Shaping A Post-COVID-19 World

The Next Normal

The Next Normal Arrives: Trends That Will Define 2021 and Beyond

The Next Normal – E-Learning Provocateur

The Next Normal – How Companies and Leaders Can Reset for Growth Beyond Coronavirus

The Next Software Disruption: How Vendors Must Adapt to a New Era

The Path To True Transformation

The Phoenix – A Post-Covid Resource List for the Businesses Ready To Fight Back

The Post-COVID Workplace: Will Employees Be Safe?

The Restart

The Shortlist – New Ideas on Timely Topics

The Social Contract in the 21st Century

The State of AI in 2020

The Three Building Blocks of Successful Customer-Experience Transformations

These Eight Charts Show How COVID-19 Has Changed B2B Sales Forever

The Telltale Signs of Successful Digital Deals

The Work from Home List of Software and Hardware

This Is What the Future of Work Looks Like

This Way Out: How Leading Companies Chart a Full-Potential COVID-Exit 

To Weather a Crisis, Build a Network of Teams

Travel During a Pandemic

Understanding and Shaping Consumer Behavior in the Next Normal

Unpacking the New Normal in ELT

Upwork – Find Freelancers To Tackle Any Job, Any Size, Any Time

Validate Business Model – Startup Blueprint

Video Download Capture VIP Account

Virtual Worlds Are Here to Stay

We Must All Fight the Global Pandemic of Misinformation, While Protecting Free Expression

What 800 Executives Envision for the Post-pandemic Workforce

What Can Other Countries Learn from China’s Travel Recovery Path?

What Comes After the 2020 Digital Dash?

What Comes Next: Life Beyond Pandemic

What Is the Future of Cities?  NPR’s Next for Big Tech

What’s Next for Remote Work: An Analysis of 2,000 Tasks, 800 Jobs and Nine Countries

What Now? Decisive Actions to Emerge Stronger in the Next Normal

What’s Ahead for the U.S. Economy

What You Can Do Post-Vaccine and When

When Nothing is Normal: Managing in Extreme Uncertainty

Why A Cut and Paste Approach To Digital Transformation Won’t Cut It

Why Business Building Is the New Priority for Growth

Will Infrastructure Bend or Break Under Climate Stress?

WorkflowMax – All-In-One Job Management

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