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Latest Links – ALiNUS, etc…

(Posted May 1, 1999; Archived May 17, 1999)

Margaret's BioALiNUS

ALiNUS, hosted by the University of Hartford Libraries and Learning Resources, is an Internet gateway to 300+ online academic library newsletters in the U.S. The mission of ALiNUS is to “encourage communication among academic librarians.” The list of newsletters can be browsed or searched by title or institution. The newsletters can be a useful comparison for any librarian publishing or desiring to publish a library newsletter.

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Features – Finding An Expert through the Internet

Finding An Expert Through the Internet By Aaron Larson

Aaron Larson is a program attorney with the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he develops courses in the areas of litigation and family law. His legal practice specialties include appellate practice, litigation, and family law.

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