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(Archived May 17, 1999)

Margaret's Bio ALiNUS

ALiNUS, hosted by the University of Hartford Libraries and Learning Resources, is an Internet gateway to 300+ online academic library newsletters in the U.S. The mission of ALiNUS is to “encourage communication among academic librarians.” The list of newsletters can be browsed or searched by title or institution. The newsletters can be a useful comparison for any librarian publishing or desiring to publish a library newsletter.

CJR Dollar Conversion Calculator

This site allows you to convert any dollar amounts from 1800 to their current year equivalent.

Forbes ASAP Dynamic 100

This is Forbes’ second annual listing of last year’s top dynamic technology companies. Users can run a search by company name or browse by hardware listings, software listings, peripherals and manufacturing listings, semiconductor listings, networking and telecom equipment listings, telecommunication listings, or Internet and content listings. You can also read about the winners in the categories. Company profiles list revenues, rank, stock performance, responsiveness to change, market opportunity, marketing expertise, human capital, alliances & partnerships, prospects for growth, and ratings total.

Inflation Conversion Factors

This site allows you to convert consumer Price index figures for any year from 1800 through 1999. There are also several graphs of inflation related data. You must have pictures turned on to see the data which is in GIF image format.

Librarians in the Movies: An Annotated Filmography

This site groups films involving libraries or librarians into four categories: films with librarians as characters; films with library settings; films which mention libraries or librarians; and films that have some tie with libraries or librarians but have not been examined by the website author. There is also a list of actors and actresses who have portrayed librarians and a short bibliography of articles about librarians in movies.


This database provides information and links covering over 4,000 library Web pages and online catalogs worldwide. The user can search by the name of the institution associated with the library, library type and/or geographic location. There is also an advanced query form that allows the user to search by library name, type of automation System, previous system, and several types of affiliations as well as name of the institution, library type and or geographic location. The user can display the full record which supplies detail about the library.

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