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Eric Chin, Consultant to LegalTech, NewLaw, BigLaw & Big Four firms on strategy, M&A and Asia. Melbourne, Australia. Strategy Consultant with corporate strategy and M&A experience working with C-suite of professional service firms in the Asia-Pacific region. I’ve also had the opportunity to exercise my analytical and writing skills in publications like Australasian Law Management Journal, The Lawyer, Asia Law Portal, Financial Review and BRW on strategic issues facing the accounting and legal professions. Introduced ‘NewLaw’ neologism, the business model antithesis of traditional law firms, which has since entered the legal industry lexicon.

Exploring the global LegalTech ecosystem

Fueled by a combination of mushrooming LegalTech startups, an increasing interest from corporate legal departments, law firms looking into LegalTech strategies and most importantly, the legal media, LegalTech has come in the legal industry’s mainstream consciousness. Headline grabbing articles like “Machines are going to replace lawyers” or “Robo-lawyers are here to take your jobs” have become du jour. As an industry analyst, Eric Chin goes beyond the buzz to explore the state of the global LegalTech market by gauging size, funding and corporate activities across different jurisdictions.

Subjects: KM, Law Firm Marketing, Legal Technology, Technology Trends