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Eileen Culloty is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communications and deputy director of the DCU Institute for Media, Democracy, and Society. Her research interests concern disinformation, media literacy education, and public media. Her book, co-authored with Jane Suiter, Disinformation and Manipulation in Digital Media (2021) was published by Routledge. Eileen coordinates the Ireland Hub of the European Digital Media Observatory and is co-chair of Media Literacy Ireland, the national association of media literacy facilitated by Coimisiún na Meán. She is also an member of the working-group developing the National Counter Disinformation Strategy, the EDMO working-group on media literacy standards, Meta's working group on Digital Citizenship, and the steering group of iHealthFacts. Eileen is currently involved in the following projects: Local Media for Democracy (European Commission), TeamLit: Teacher education in digital and media literacy (EMIF), ProMS: Promoting Media Literacy and Youth Citizen Journalism through Mobile Stories (Creative Europe). She previously worked on H2020 Provenance and led a Broadcasting Authority of Ireland project investigating the diversity of public service media during Covid-19, the implementation of EU Code of Practice on Disinformation during Covid-19, and a Science Foundation Ireland outreach project on vaccine misperceptions. Eileen's research has been published in Journalism, European Journal of Communication, Environmental Communication, Digital Journalism, and Critical Studies on Terrorism. Her co-authored paper on social media and political communication was awarded 3rd place in the International Communication Association's Top Three Faculty Papers for 2018. She has a PhD in communication studies from DCU. Her research interests include public good aspects of media including the impact of disinformation and its countermeasures, public interest news and media, public understanding of media (media literacy), and policy responses to changes in the media environment.