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LLRX April 2024 Issue

Articles and Columns for April 2024 Violence Against Women and International Law, April 2024 Update – Sabrina I. Pacifici’s April update comprises recent news, reporting and social media postings. It also includes a report issued by the UN acknowledging that…”Based on the information it gathered, the mission team found clear and convincing information that sexual …

Subjects: KM

AI in Finance and Banking, April 30, 2024

This semi-monthly column by Sabrina I. Pacifici highlights news, government documents, NGO/IGO papers, industry white papers, academic papers and speeches on the subject of AI’s fast paced impact on the banking and finance sectors. The chronological links provided are to the primary sources, and as available, indicate links to alternate free versions. Four highlights from this post: Banks told to anticipate risks from using AI, machine learning; Banks don’t talk about the energy AI guzzles. Here’s why they should; Chatbot answers are all made up. This new tool helps you figure out which ones to trust; and AI is becoming a big deal for big banks.

Subjects: AI in Banking and Finance, Climate Change, Economy, Energy, Financial System, Legal Research