Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, September 23, 2023

Subject: California legislature passes ‘Delete Act’ to protect consumer data
Source: StateScoop

On Wednesday, the California legislature passed the “Delete Act,” a first-of-its-kind law that allows the state’s consumers to universally remove their personal data from all data brokers based in the state with a single request.The Delete Act promises to create a “one-stop shop” website where residents can request that brokers of consumer personal data delete their information from their databases. The act builds on 2018’s California Consumer Protection Act, the standard-setting consumer data privacy law that set off a tidal wave of state-level, comprehensive data privacy legislation over the last several years. While the Delete Act closes some loopholes in the CCPA, some privacy advocates worry that it will lead to the collection and retainment of more personal data.

CCPA’s building blocks – Under CCPA, California residents can opt out of having their personal data collected online and request data brokers delete the information collected about them — but they have to do so with an individual request per broker.

No ‘teeth’ – Max Anderson, the chief revenue officer at a firm called 360 Privacy, which offers services like personal data monitoring and digital footprint reduction, said the Delete Act has little substance. “I don’t really see any teeth or much enforceable action in this bill, which unfortunately, seems to be the status quo for a lot of legislation these days,” Anderson told StateScoop.

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