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How to Future

Kevin Kelly is a Web Maverick and by his own definition, a futurist. This discipline is comprised of really keen historians who study the past to see the future. They look carefully at the past because most of what will happen tomorrow is already happening today. In addition, most of the things in the future will be things that don’t change, so they are already here. The past is the bulk of our lives, and it will be the bulk in the future. It is highly likely that in 100 years or even 500 years, the bulk of the stuff surrounding someone will be old stuff, stuff that is being invented today. All this stuff, plus our human behaviors, which are very old, will continue in the future. For those who are engaged in understanding revisionist history in real time (the War in Ukraine, the January 6th Insurrection, the 2020 election, gun violence in America to name just a few issues), studying the past and the present gives us great insight into our future. Kelly’s multi disciplinary subject matter expertise make his work timely, relevant, significant and consequential.

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