What could you do today to help make your workplace more positive?

  1. Act and think independently, uphold and defend core principles and values, and take unpopular positions without fear
  2. Listen actively, acknowledge the points of others, and give serious consideration to those views
  3. Give credit, praise, and thanks to those who deserve it
  4. Take responsibility, remain accountable, do jobs effectively, and honor commitments
  5. Say what is meant, provide all relevant information, and back up claims with facts
  6. Communicate openly, authentically, and accurately, provide advance notice whenever possible, and deliver bad or unpopular news as soon as possible
  7. Respond in a timely manner to legitimate requests seeking a reply, and try to say yes whenever possible
  8. Persevere, come up with creative solutions, and encourage others to do the same
  9. Trust others until given a reason not to
  10. Keep calm, especially in the most trying situations
  11. Learn new things, be inquisitive, and strive to improve
  12. Be generous with time, resources, and knowledge
  13. Be tolerant of others, including those with different backgrounds and views
  14. Be caring, empathetic, and concerned about the well-being of others
  15. Be positive, optimistic, and realistic
  16. Be ethical, honest, and fair
  17. Be trustworthy*
  18. Be loyal*
  19. Be helpful*
  20. Be friendly*
  21. Be courteous*
  22. Be kind*
  23. Be cheerful*
  24. Be brave*
  25. Do the right thing
  • Do what is right — logically, financially, morally, ethically, and environmentally
  • Do it the right way — honestly, accurately, correctly, and completely
  • Do it right away — without procrastinating, making excuses, or avoiding what is unpleasant

*From the Scout Law

Editor’s Note: Article republished with permission of the author, with first publication on Medium.

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