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Features – Law Firm Intranets: “It’s About the Content”

Law Firm Intranets “It’s about the Content” By Rick Camacho

Richard E. Camacho

is an Applications Consultant with Lexis-Nexis in New York, NY. He is the developer of the Lexis-Nexis New York Intranet Knowledge Base. Prior to joining Lexis-Nexis, Mr. Camacho worked in the financial services sector in New York.

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Latest Links – Caere Guide to Scanners…

(Posted June 1, 1999; Archived June 15, 1999)

Margaret's BioCaere Guide to Scanners

This section of the Caere Website provides Tips for First-Time Scanner Buyers, Books, Articles and Other Resources, Scanner Features and Specifications, Scanner and Software Companies, Glossary of Scanning Terms, and Cool Things You Can Do with a Scanner.

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ResearchWire – Search Engines Compared

ResearchWire Search Engines Compared: 1999 Update By Diana Botluk

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Features – New Shepard’s vs. KeyCite: How Do We Compare?

New Shepard’s v. KeyCite: How Do We Compare? By Tobe Liebert

Tobe Liebert is the Director of Public Services for the Jamail Center for Legal Research, Tarlton Law Library at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Texas.

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