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Graduate student
Valdosta State University, MLIS (2014)

Work: Currently, Spanish teacher, Athens Academy, Athens, GA

My professional portfolio:

I have a BSED in education from the University of Georgia, and have been a teacher for 13 years. My professional goals involve merging my desire to help others to become more educated and my interest in digital information access. I have much experience with the digital information environment, sources, searching, metadata content and cataloguing within an institutional repository. I am currently working with and Gobierno USA as an intern for information verification and Spanish translator.

E-Government Information and Public Access: Online electronic government information and the impact of the government shutdown on public access

Crystal Vicente’s paper focuses on the impact of the dramatic termination of e-government access during the October 2013 federal funding gap that resulted in a shutdown of government processes. As she documents, the public’s access to government information was severely limited, and in some cases prohibited entirely. We now widely expect that an advanced technological society will make information available via Internet anytime and from anywhere. However, when access is eliminated, the resulting information crisis cripples the public’s interaction with the federal government. Vicente states that the shutdown and the subsequent lack of access to government information is an indicator that the information dissemination model is faulty, and reliance on a single point of access is a mistake. As a result, libraries, long charged with protecting the public’s access to information, are challenged to find a viable solution to protecting free permanent public access.

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