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Stephanie Vance, the Advocacy Guru, is author of “Government by the People: How to Communicate with Congress” and a former Capitol Hill veteran. She lives and works in Washington, DC, offering workshops and advice on effective advocacy. Find out more at

Features – The Impact of the Internet on Representational Democracy

AdVanced Consulting’s principal, Stephanie D. Vance, has had over twelve years of experience in Washington, DC, both as a lobbyist and a congressional aide, including positions as legislative assistant, legislative director and staff director. She is the author of “Government by the People: How to Communicate with Congress” (AdVanced Consulting, 1999). Her work on congressional communications stems from a deep and abiding belief that the US system of government is effective only when citizens are active and well-informed participants. She has presented the concepts behind “How to Communicate with Congress” at events around the country, and has been a guest on the public radio show “Public Interest”, produced by WAMU in Washington, DC. Ms. Vance holds a Master’s degree in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University and is included in the 2000 edition of Who’s Who in American Women. Her Web site is

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