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Edilenice Passos received her Master’s Degree in Librarianship and Documentation from the Universidade de Brasília (University of Brasilia), in 1992. She currently works with the Federal Senate Consultancy Staff, as a technical support coordinator. She’s in charge of the sector which is responsible for answering all requests for research by the Legislative Consultants. In addition to her regular duties, she’s a co-editor of Revista de Biblioteconomia de Brasília (Librarianship Journal). She and Suzana Mueller organized a book entitled Comunição Científica (Scientific Communication). The seven chapters of this book focus on different aspects of the same problem: issues arising from the changes that technology brought into scientific communication. The authors, from Brazil, Mexico and the UK, were able to bring about valuable information and insights about the central theme, and some of them, a view of the problem from a developing country angle.