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Erica Mealy's research interests fall into the broad theme of applied user-centered design and software development. Current projects relate to interface and systems design for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, a user-centered design approach to Entrepreneurship on the Sunshine Coast, wearable technologies, and software engineering support tool design. Other research interests include the internet of things and information technology education. Erica has also studied automation and task/function allocation (between users and software) and regularly conducts public lectures for USC on Automation, AI vs Automation, Women in Technology and the future of business. Erica is also an exhibited visual artist with collaborative works centred on the intersection of art, science, technology and design which have been exhibited both domestically and internationally.

Google Chrome just rolled out a new way to track you and serve ads. Here’s what you need to know

Late last week, Google announced something called the Privacy Sandbox has been rolled out to a “majority” of Chrome users, and will reach 100% of users in the coming months. But what is it, exactly? The new suite of features represents a fundamental shift in how Chrome will track user data for the benefit of advertisers. Erica Mealy explains that Instead of third-party cookies, Chrome can now tap directly into your browsing history to gather information on advertising “topics.” Understanding how it works – and whether you want to opt in or out – is important, since Chrome remains the most widely used browser in the world, with a 63% market share as of May 2023.

Subjects: Privacy, Search Engines