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Annette J. Cade, Reference Librarian
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Reference from Coast to Coast – Working Part-Time

Reference from Coast to Coast: Searches and Strategies By Annette J. Cade, Reference Librarian Katten Muchin & Zavis, Chicago Working Part -Time Welcome to Reference From Coast to Coast: Sources and Strategies, a new monthly column written by the KMZ librarians. Headquartered in Chicago, Katten Muchin & Zavis has reference librarians in Washington DC, Chicago and Los Angeles. There are eight professional librarians who are assisted by a great support staff. The KMZ librarians field questions and participate in research in a myriad of subject areas. This column will highlight some of our favorite reference sources and research techniques in the hope that sharing information will help you in your day to day jobs. We welcome all of your comments and questions, and would particularly like feedback on sources and strategies that YOU use for research on our column topics.

Please send comments to the author. For the past four years I have been one-half of a librarian. More accurately, I job share a reference position and work part-time. Working part-time has been a successful experience, and has in some ways made me a better librarian. It has challenged me to be more efficient so that I make the most of the two days I am at the work place each week. Things which I took for granted when I worked full-time for 17+ years at another law firm I no longer take for granted. I don’t have my own office any more where I can create piles of stuff that only I know about. Instead, I have to be flexible with my work surroundings. I am now required to to handle research requests from one of three reference librarian offices, as well as occasionally from home. I have to be what I call a portable librarian.

Below are some practical tips that help me work effectively as a part-time reference librarian.

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