LLRX Articles and Columns for February 2020

Articles and Columns for February 2020

  • If My AI Wrote this Post, Could I Own the Copyright?Todd A Carpenter, Executive Director of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), discusses the factors that have brought us to an inflection point with a new technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and associated questions about the boundaries of intellectual property rights. Carpenter contends there could be profound implications for the publishing and scientific communities, which are becoming key sources of training data for artificial intelligence systems, as well as for publishers themselves, potentially becoming reliant on artificial intelligence for creation, curation and engagement of new content. In this article he reports on a forum hosted by WIPO and the Copyright Office that focused on whether copyright can apply to the works created by artificial intelligence systems.
  • 2020 KM + Innovation Survey ResultsRon Friedman’s extensively documented article reports on the survey to support the 2020 Strategic Knowledge + Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit, which took place in early February 2020. The Summit is a meeting of about 65 senior knowledge management professionals from large US, UK, and Canadian law firms. The depth and breath of actionable information and data shared in this article makes it a critical read for law firm and corporate KM and Innovation professionals.
  • Healthcare Online Resources 2020Marcus Zillman’s guide is especially timely and pertinent as librarians, researchers, health professionals, government officials and the public are seeking accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on the coronavirus. The discovery tools referenced include: healthcare databases, directories, indices, data and analytics, subject guides, apps, forums and search engines providing access to a wide range of information from the healthcare and medical sectors that also encompasses open access papers, analysis, registries, images and reference sources.
  • When Getting Their Attention Isn’t Enough… When You Need Behavioral Change – From Bill Jensen’s decades long research on strategic change and communications he has derived clear actionable components for communicating behavioral change to employees.
  • The Black Hole of Blindspots – In his article Marc Solomon explores how CI/BI researchers, investigators and law librarians, on a personal level, can identify and come to terms with blindspots in the context of performing complex, time sensitive work.
  • The 14 Reasons Six Sigma & Lean Don’t Work in Most CompaniesDavid Dibble, an expert in systems-based sustainable organizational performance improvement, contrasts contributors to under-performing or failed Six Sigma and Lean programs with the Systems-Based Transformational Leadership Model (STL).
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, February 29, 2020Four highlights from this week: Will tech companies prevent misuse of platforms in 2020 election? Few in U.S. are confident; Privacy Concerns Raised Over New Google Chrome Feature; Clearview AI, Facial Recognition Company That Works With Law Enforcement, Says Entire Client List of Customers Was Stolen; Firefox enables network privacy feature for users in US.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, February 22, 2020Four highlights from this week: A spotter’s guide to the groups that are out to get you; The ‘Robo Revenge’ App Makes It Easy to Sue Robocallers; Activate This ‘Bracelet of Silence,’ and Alexa Can’t Eavesdrop; and Security experts raise concerns about voting app used by military.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, February 15, 2020Four highlights from this week: 2019 Internet Crime Report Released; The silent threat of the coronavirus: America’s dependence on Chinese pharmaceuticals; Equifax breach: How Chinese army hackers allegedly stole personal info; and How to Share Files Securely Online: Dropbox, Firefox Send, and More.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, February 8, 2020Four highlights from this week: DHS Buys Phone Location Data, Skirting Fourth Amendment; Report: DMVs Sell Your Personal Information For Millions Of Dollars; The California Consumer Privacy Act explained; and IRS Launches “Identity Theft Central” Webpage.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, February 1, 2020Four highlights from this week: Ring Doorbell App Packed with Third-Party Trackers; How Corporate Lawyers Made It Harder to Punish Companies That Destroy Electronic Evidence; Jeff Bezos Phone Hacking – WhatsApp Hack – Is WhatsApp Safe?; and 8 cities that have been crippled by cyberattacks — and what they did to fight them.

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