Statistics Resources and Big Data on the Internet 2013

Statistics Resources and Big Data on the Internet is a comprehensive listing of statistics and big data datasets including resources and sites on the Internet.

These resources and sources will help you to discover the many pathways available through the Internet to find the latest statistics and big data resources and sites.

Statistics Resources and Big Data:

2010 Census

2012 Statistical Abstract – The National Data Book Religion Statistics Geography, Church Statistics

African Development Bank Group (AfDB) – Statistics

American Customer Satisfaction Index

American Demographics

America’s Economy for Phone From the US Census Bureau

Annals of Applied Statistics (AOAS)

Applied Analytics and Statistics for Academia and Industry

Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Economics and Statistics

Astrostatistics and Astroinformatics Portal (ASAIP)

AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Austrian Journal of Statistics



Big Data News and Articles

Big Data University

Big Data – Wikipedia

Big Web Stats

BizStats – Free Business Statistics and Financial Ratios

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLT)

Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)

Census Online

CHANCE Magazine

ChartsBin – Web Based Visualization Tool

CIA Publications – Comprehensive Stats on U.S. Cities

CKAN – Open Source Data Portal Software

ClearStory Data – Now You Can See It

Communications in Biometry and Crop Science (CBCS)

Computational Statistics

Council on East Asian Library (CEAL) Statistics

Data Access Tools from the United States Census

DataFerrett – Data Mining Tool

Data Portal – The Open Data Hub of the European Union

DATAVERSITY – Resources for IT Professionals

Deep Web and Big Data Research

DocumentCloud – Analyze, Annotate, Publish by Turning Documents Into Data

eCommerce Metrics and Statistics – Economic Time Series

Economic Census

Economic Briefing Room

ED Data Express – Elementary and Secondary Schools Data

Energy Information Administration (EIA)- Statistical Agency of the U.S. Department of Energy

E-Stats – Measuring the Electronic Economy

Eurostats – European Statistics


Federal Government Statistics

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)


FRASER – Federal Reserve Archive – Discover Economic History

Gapminder – Unveiling the Beauty of Statistics For a Fact Based World View

Google BigQuery

Google – Internet Stats

Graphite – Highly Scalable Real-Time Graphing System

Guide To World Population by Richard Jensen

How Much Information? 2003

Human Development Reports 2013 Statistics Data

HyperStat Online: An Introduction to Statistics

IBM Big Data eBook

Industry Research from the University of Tennessee

Industry Research – ULS Digital Library, University of Pittsburgh – Free Redistributable Rich Data Sets

InfoChimps Platform – Big Data Platform in the Cloud

International Business – Information on the Business Conditions, Culture, and Economy of Different Countries

International Data Base (IDB) – Demographic and Socioeconomic Statistics for 228 Countries

International Economic Statistics (IES) Database

International Human Development Indicators – Public Data Explorer

International Journal of Quality, Statistics, and Reliability

International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Data and Statistics

International Programs

International Trade Statistics

Internet 2010 Statistics

Internet Demographics

Internet World States – Usage and Population Statistics

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

IPUMS USA : Integrated Public Use Microdata Series

IT Facts

Journal of Official Statistics

Karmasphere – First Collaborative Analytics Workspace on Hadoop with Self-Service for Everyone in the Business

LinkingOpenData – W3C SWEO Community Project

List of Free Statistical Software

Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) – Census and Business Information

Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses From 1790 to 2000

Metric Mail – Website Statistics Straight To Your Inbox

Monarch Professional – For the Individual Information Optimization

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online (MBS)

Name Statistics

National Agricultural Statistics Service

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

National Center for Health Statistics

National Statistics Online (UK)

NationMaster – World Statistics and Country Comparisons

OECD.StatExtracts – Complete Databases Available Via OECD’s iLibrary

OFFSTATS – Official Statistics on the Web

Open Graph Viz Platform – Exploratory Data Analysis

Oracle and Big Data – Europe’s Public Data

Quality and Comparative International Statistics

Platfora – Clarity From Big Data – True Random Number Service – Interlinking the Web of Data

Sindice – The Semantic Web Index

SISA – Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis

Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Socialbakers – Social Statistics, Application Statistics and Page Statistics

Social Science Data Search

Social Statistics 2.0 – Open Database of Statistics

SORT (Statistics and Operations Research Transactions)

States and Local Areas : National Data Book (U.S. Census Bureau) (Archival)


Statistical Abstract of the United States

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Statistical Data Mining Tutorials – Tutorial Slides by Andrew Moore

Statistical Education Through Problem Solving

Statistical Resources Online

Statistical Resources on the Web

Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web

Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2008

Statistics – Wikipedia – Research Statistics and Statistical Analysis Directory

Statistics Canada

Statistics Every Writer Should Know

Statistics Online Compute Resources (SOCR)

Statistics on the Web

Statistics Sources

Tech Crunchies – Internet Statistics and Numbers

The Age of Exabytes – Tools and Approaches for Managing Big Data

The Big Data Hub – Understanding Big Data for the Enterprise

The Impoverished Social Scientist’s Guide to Free Statistical Software and Resources

The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms

The Open Knowledge Foundation – Empowering Through Open Knowledge

The R Project for Statistical Computing

The Statistics Home Page

The World Bank – Data

Top Alternatives – Discover 288 Tools For Your Website

Truthy – Analyzed and Visualize the Diffusion of Information on Twitter

UK National Statistics Online

UNdata – Data Access System to UN Databases (32 Databases – 60 Million Records)

UNESCO Institute for Statistics

United Nations Statistics Division

United States Census Bureau

U.S. and World Population Clocks – Data and Statistics

USA Trade Online

U.S. Business and Economy-Wide Statistics

USDA Economics, Statistics, and Market Information System

USITC Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb

U.S. Statistical Abstract – Making Sense of Complex Issues Through Data and Design

Vital Statistics of the United States (VSUS)


Web Interface for Statistics Education (WISE)

WebSM – Web Survey Methodology Portal

What Is Big Data?


World dataBank – World Development Indicators (WDI) and Global Development Finance (GDF)

Worldometers – World Statistics Updated In Real Time

WTO Statistics Database

WWW Virtual Library: Statistics (YE)

Zanran – Search the Web For Data and Statistics

ZoomSphere – Detailed Statistics of Major Social Networks

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