Blank on Blank – the nonprofit media partnering initiative preserves and shares interviews

Colleagues: I just learned about this project for journalists:; I think it’s a unique project and it should be promoted not only among journalists but also among archivists, preservationists and news librarians. Blank on Blank is a nonprofit media partnering with journalists, publications and publishers to turn excerpts of unheard reporting into a living, audio archive of the American interview. The founder describes it as Storycorps for journalists and interviewers, with production touches akin to what you hear from This American Life. Their mission is to transform and broadcast great American interviews that would otherwise never be heard. They are showing journalists that reporting gathered for written stories can and should become dynamic multimedia stories in their own right. David Gerlach, founder and editor in chief, says “Our collaborative process begins by mining through our contributors’ interviews, whether from their archives, or from reporting connected to an upcoming story, book, or documentary. We are looking for the most riveting, 3-5 minute outtakes from these unheard interviews.” These are unexpected stories from well known people, and universal tales from everyday Americans. These are conversations on life and experience that all listeners can relate to. We then add narrative and music to create and tell new stories. Finally we are broadcasting these mp3s online, on mobile devices, and ultimately on public radio. “It’s our mission to bring life to material that would otherwise die on the vine. The American interview should be heard.”

Take a look, and for any information, contact David Gerlach directly.

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