Newstand – May 1998

Searcher, April 1998

The Sidebar – Frauds Hoaxes Myths and Chain Letters or What’s This Doing in My E-Mail Box, p. 50. Don’t be taken in by Internet hoaxes. This article will tell you how to tell fact from fiction.

The Searcher’s Voice – It’s a Vision Thing, p. 4. The Web has the traditional online vendors are running scared, and sometimes their attempts to fight don’t focus on what the customer really needs.

DATABASE, April 1998

Behind the Scenes at the Dialog Corporation, p. 18. The new CEO, Dan Wagner, talks about his plans for the new DIALOG Corporation.

GPO Access: Government at its Best?, p. 41. An overview of the informaton available on GPO Access.

The European Environment Agency Web Site, p. 47. Discusses the resources available from the EEA at their new Internet Web site.

Dun & Bradstreet Connects with Japan, p. 50. This article compares the newly introducted D&B Japan with The Teikoku Databank.

Cost of Living Statistics Online, p. 65. Information on the cost of living is a commonly asked question in almost any kind of library. Read about the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site, as well as other services such as the Salary Calculator.

Legal Management, March/April 1998

Master of Your Domain, p.36. This well documented and presented article is a must read for those planning on setting up a law firm Web site. Topics included are trademarking your domain name, copyright for content, outsourcing Web page development, and an intellectual property checklist .

Taming Your Employees on the Wild Wild Web, p.58. With wider access to the Internet becoming the norm, the need to implement policies defining appropriate use in the workplace are increasing. This article offers a sample policy statement, and information about tools to monitor use of the Web.

PC Computing, May 1998

266 MHz Pentium IIs Take Off, p86. If you are in the market for a nice, new, fast laptop, this article reviews 6 of the best, most reasonably priced units on the market.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 98, p162. For those who are still considering upgrading to Windows 95, this article may or may not convince you to make the next leap of faith with Microsoft’s newest operating system. It is due to be released sometime in June.

PC World, April 1998

Best Free Stuff Online, p. 105 From Windows utilities, to browser plug-ins and web services, this article lists it’s top picks of free stuff available from the Internet.

Painless Web Pages, p. 139. Reviews of the easiest software for getting started creating your own web pages. Also discusses at what point you may need to move on to more advanced web creation tools.

Two Tools That Deliver Peace of Mind, p. 250. If you feel uncomfortable about browser “cookies” on your system, you may be interested in Cookie Pal, one of the tools discussed in this column.

Searcher, March 1998

Feds in a Web World: Public Domain v. Copyright, p. 35.Should government-generated databases reside in the public domain? The pros and cons are discussed. Don’t miss the sidebar defining the “Can’s, Cannots’, Maybe’s, and Should’s” when it comes to copying government produced electronic information.

N.Y. Times, April 7, 1998

Time and Technology Threaten Digital Archives. Will the data stored electronically still be around for our grandchildren to read?

ONLINE – March 1998

Filtered News Services: Solutions in Search of Your Problem? p. 15. This article dicusses how to evaluate the variety of filtered news services that are now available, and includes a charge of the more common products for enterprise solutions.

On the Net Single Searching Versus Megasearching, p. 73. Greg Notess tells us the drawbacks and highlights the best of, multiple Internet search engines.

“Researching People” on the Net, p. 55.

PC Magazine, April 15th, 1998

First Looks Online — Opera. Internet Explorer and Netscape aren’t the only browser options out there! Opera is compact, basic and fast.

From spam to software, this article tells you everything you need to know to Take Control Of Your E-Mail.

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