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(Archived June 1, 1998)

Symbols.Com is the online version of Carl G. Liungman’s Thought Signs. It claims to be the world’s largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols containing more than 2,500 Western signs arranged in 54 groups by their graphic characteristics. There are two indices by which you can search. Use the Graphic index to search for the meaning or history of a sign. To use this index, you must enter the symbol’s characteristics. There is a good help section to assist you with describing the characteristics. Use the Word index to search for a symbol by its meaning. The meanings are arranged alphabetically.

Recombinant Capital

This site is an online resource center established by Recombinant Capital, a financial consulting firm to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The home page for the site is the online magazine, Signals. At this site, you can find company information (with links to the company’s Website) which includes analyst reports (with links to the analyst Website), clinical trials, SEC filings, company contacts, valuation histories, and news articles via Yahoo news. There is a database of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, university and medical device alliances, and valuations that is searchable. There are links to related resources and a database of drug and in vivo imaging agents in clinical development that involve an industry company. This database is searchable.

Center for Responsive Politics: Registered Federal Lobbyist Database

This site provides a searchable lobbyist database based upon the semi-annual reports that all federal lobbyists are required to file with the U.S. government. You can search by company name, client name, lobbyist name, or perform subject area search. A search displays the name of the lobbyist, the clients, and dollar amounts.

Forbes 500s Annual Directory

At this site, you will find a database of the 500 largest American public corporations as measured by sales, profits, assets and market value. The database may be searched by company name or industry. A search by state can be run to determine all of the Forbes 500 companies located in a particular state. Separate lists by market value, assets, sales, or profits rankings can be displayed. The list of the Super 100 can be viewed as well. There are links to the Forbes 500 company websites.

Bridge to Japan

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation presents indexes to Japanese Internet resources at this site. The resource lists are arranged in 28 topics including law, politics, directories, libraries, travel, companies, government, news, and Japanese resources A-Z. There are links to the sites listed and an annotation states if the site is in Japanese.

The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia

This site is arranged into two sections: Cyberlaw and Information Law Topics and Information Technology Law Resources. The “law topics’ has a list of 27 topics among which are Year 2000, Copyright Law, and Regulation of Cyberspace. These topics link to articles and material on other websites. The “law resources” provide links to other websites that provide information on computer law.


This site is provided by A&E Television Networks, the producer of the Biography television series. There are biographical descriptions of 20,000+ persons with the descriptions varying in length from a few sentences to several paragraphs.

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