Newstand – March 1998

(Archived April 15, 1998)

Database, April/May 1998

CD-ROM to DVD-ROM: Moving Optical Storage Along a Bumpy Road into the New Century, p26. A review of CD-ROM, CD-Recordable and DVD systems, including Web sites for more information.

GPO Access–Government At Its Best? p.41. Our colleague Nina Platt takes you on a tour of what many think is the governments finest Web page, and provides an overview of content.

PC Magazine, Feb. 24, 1998

Bibliography Makers, p. 36. A review of ProCite Version 4 for Windows 95, and EndNote 3.0, both designed to help create bibliographies from online research results.

Web-Based Discussion Software: Meeting of the Minds, p. 179. If you want to start your own discussion group on the Web, for an intranet or the Internet, see this review of the major players in terms of software.

SiteSnagger: Download Web Sites, p. 229. Download complete web sites for off-line browsing or Internet presentations with this utility.

PC Magazine, March 10, 1998

A Medium for Your Message, p. 45. PC Magazine tests six software packages that deliver audio/video presentations over the Internet.

The Ultimate Personal Peripheral, p. 101. A review of the newest in hand-held PCs, such as PalmPilot.

Speech Recognition: Watch What You Say, p. 129. A review of the newest speech recognition programs. Is the technology there yet?

Web Site Analysis Tools, p. 188. If you have an Intranet or Internet page, you need to know how many visitors are coming to your site, and where they’re going when they get there. These tools will help you do just that.

PC Magazine, March 24, 1998

My Secret Weapons for Web Surfing, p. 93. Jim Seymour makes a case for having a 3rd browser on your PC, Opera.

Speed up Browsing, p. 197. PC Magazine’s 1998 Utility Guide includes this review of several browser accelerators designed to speed up your Internet surfing.

Find Information Faster, p. 203. Off-line searching software helps you query multiple search engines, and download and manage the results. Programs reviewed include their Editor’s Choice, Copernic, and others such as Web Compass.

Complete Your Net Toolbox, p. 213. Reviews of even more Internet utilities such as: SyncURLs which combines your Netscape booksmarks and Explorer favorites into one list that can be exported back to both browsers; e-mail notifiers to let you know as soon as you’ve received e-mail off-line; browsers; and more.

Akron Law Review v. 30, p. 267 (Special Issue, 1996)

Yesterday Once More – Skeptics, Scribes and the Demise of Law Reviews. (This version enhanced and updated for the World Wide Web, Created March 6, 1997.) Will legal scholars move
away from traditional law reviews, and move towards the Web?


The Battle of the Sumo Browsers. Last updated 2/18/98. Did your browser make the CNET Editor’s Choice? Check this detailed comparison of Netscape and Explorer to find out.

Database, February 1998

The Mounting Death Toll: “Dead Databases” Revisited, p. 14. Databases are coming and going, making it hard to know whether your favorite will be there when you need it.

Northern Light: New Search Engine for the Web and Full-Text Articles. Northern Light is the hottest new search engine around. It not only searches the Web and provides it’s search results in logical folders, it also provides access to full-text articles, for a price.

Find Your Way Around Congress with LEXIS and a Compass, p. 25. Have you noticed that CIS isn’t available on DIALOG anymore? That’s okay – you can find now it on LEXIS.

FindLaw: Metasite Extraordinaire, p. 66. This Web site is a favorite of the LLRX Editors; an opinion obviously shared by the author.

PC World, March 1998

Web Browser Woes, p. 45. Don’t upgrade to Internet Explorer 4.0 until you’ve read this article! Learn from the experiences of others who have had IE trash their computer.

Web Searching–Faster, Faster!, p. 157. Sites, tips and techniques for speedy Web searching .

Create a Desktop Shortcut to Browser Bookmarks , p. 308. If you’re using Windows 95, you can easily create shortcuts on your desktop to your favorite web sites. Try it now with LLRX!

Survival Tips for E-Mail Junkies, p. 286. Control spam with Eudora’s e-mail filters.

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