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(Archived April 15, 1998)

Cataloging Internet Resources

The manual, Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide, is located at this site. If you are considering joining the growing trend to catalog Internet resources, this manual can assist you in the process.

ECLAS: European Commission Library

ECLAS is a bibliographic database of the European Commission Library. The database includes about
172,000 catalog records about European affairs. Approximately 7,000 records are added each year.
The records are cataloged in USMARC format. These records will be able to be downloaded in the next version of ECLAS. The records are indexed in French and English in the ECLAS thesaurus. No document
delivery or copy service is available. You must register to use the site. Registration is free.

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Home Page

This site provides a comprehensive source of information nationwide child support enforcement programs. There are links to state websites with child support enforcement programs. Some of these state sites even have links to county child enforcement support programs. There are links to policy documents and links to related souces of information outside the CSE site. The site can be viewed in English or Spanish.

Government Contract Law Research Guide

This site provides the full text and links for the Practitioner’s Research Guide: Researching Government Contracts Law on the Internet. Legislative, executive, and judicial materials are covered as well as periodicals and general materials. There is also and index and a glossary. The guide was written by Leslie A. Lee, Patricia A. Tobin and Michelle M. Wu who are librarians at GWU. It is an invaluable tool to assist with government contracts research via the Internet.


Links to websites containing articles from Internet news services are provided at this site. The information is updated every fifteen minutes.

Newspaper Association of America

Links to websites of newspaper and other related media groups can be found at this site. Newspapers can be searched by the following categories: U.S. Dailies, International, Weeklies, Business Papers, Alternative Press, College Papers, Press Associations, Other Organizations and by state.

ABI World: The Premier Site for Bankruptcy Information

This site is provided by the American Bankruptcy Institute. Included is a page of the current day’s bankruptcy related headlines with links to the previous two week’s headlines. The Media Stats & Info page has links to definitions of bankruptcy terms, bankruptcy court opinions, bankruptcy court websites, and related business, consumer, and organization sites. There is also a Legislative News page, ABI Journal page, ABI Conferences page, and an ABI Membership information page. Topics of immediate interest are displayed on the main page with links to the full information.


This is the site of AT&T’s trial directory service. You can search by person, business, reverse lookup by telephone number, request a street proximity for a business or residential listing, get a map of an address or use a “sounds like” match for searching a surname. White and yellow page listings are included. You may edit or delete your entry and you may set up your own address book of frequently used numbers. Name, address and telephone number are included along with toll free number, e-mail, and home page and fax if included by the user.

Congressional Budget Office

This site is a good source for obtaining CBO documents. Most recently released documents and Data Highlights are listed on the main page. Other documents are divided into the following sections: Studies & Reports (you may browse by category in this section.), Cost Estimates, Testimony, and Other Documents. There is also a search feature. Documents can be obtained in the following formats: Online HTML, PDF, PostScript and Corel Word Perfect. There is a handy navigation bar on each page for selection of one of these format options. You may sign up for e-mail notification of new document releases in specific categories.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

There are three dictionaries associated with this site. They are the Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations, and NATO Only Terms. You can browse or search any of the three databases.

Information Please

This site makes the Information Please Almanac, Entertainment Almanac, Sports Almanac, Columbia Encyclopedia, and the Random House College Dictionary available for browsing and searching. These titles can be searched individually or together. You can do a Quick Search (subject) or Full Text Search.


This site is produced by Nancy O’Hanlon, User Education Librarian for Internet Instruction, at Ohio State University. This interactive Internet instruction program is free once you have registered. There are 10 lessons including such topics as Getting Started on the Web, E-Mail Basics, and Smart Net Research Strategies. By clicking on the Supplementary Materials section, you can access five quick guides or checklists: Searching 101, Guide to Web Indexes, Citing Net Sources, Web Site Evaluation Techniques, and Web Site Evaluation Checklist. Use of this section does not require registration. This site can be a useful self training tool for library and legal staff.


This site provides daily business news headlines with links to the full text articles. You can “get right to the news” with the site’s 10 Hottest Topics links, select categories from the Computing & Media or Other Key Industries sections, search for an article or do a company lookup.

Nolo’s Legal Encyclopedia

This legal information site in non-legal language is produced by Nolo Press. The following subject areas are covered: small business, employment, patent, copyright & trademark, courts and mediation, consumer, parents & children, spouses & partners, older Americans, wills & estate planning, debt & credit, tax problems, personal injury, and real estate. Each subject area also includes an annotated list of related Internet resources.

Research Index

This site provides an Internet version of a database that has existed since 1965 to index news, comments, and views on companies and industries throughout the world as the information is reported in the press publications in the United Kingdom. There are two indexes. One is arranged alphabetically by company name. The second is a Industry Index covering industrial and commercial entities and arranged by 300 hundred subject headings. This is a location tool whose search results provide a brief article description, name and date of the publication as well as the page number for the article. There is no link for retrieving the full text of an article. Information at this site covers the past fourteen months and is updated twice weekly.

U.S. Newswire

U.S. Newswire is the wire service for news from the U.S. government and other public policy news sources. You can obtain news releases, advisories, and statements for free by clicking on the Top News icon. Clicking on the Links icon provides links to the websites of USN clients. For more in-depth information, a subscription charge is involved. These charges are described under the Use It icon.

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