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* Barbara Fullerton, Manager of Library Services Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP
Brian Neale, IT Manager, Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw

At the Internet Librarian 2003 in Monterey, California, the world of gadgets session returned for a second year. These small novelties and electronic devices were presented to an audience of information professionals to help them in their work, home and play environments. Gadgets from different countries were also introduced. The favorite picks were the Tungsten E, the USB Vibe Personal Massager and the Canon Powershot S400. To locate prices for the listed gadgets, try comparison-shopping at CNET Shopper, or for information on rebates view, the products at Buy.com. Other places to shop are the Gadget Universe and Sharper Image. To learn more about these and other gadgets, try The Gadgeteer and TechnoGadgets.

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Concert Companion PDA
Musical Roadmap
Updates you with info on what your are hearing in real-time
Wireless technology
Conceived by former Kansas City Symphony executive Roland Valliere
Similar to an “audio guide” in museums
A computer hidden in a corner of the music hall uses wireless technology to transmits signals to your PDA
Works on Sony CLIE
$7-$10/rental fee
LINKSYS WUSB12 Wireless Compact USB Adaptar
Wireless Ethernet (WiFi) – standard 802.11b
Simple – plug into USB port
For Desktop and Laptop
“Hot pluggable”
Tungsten E (For those who need an easy PDA)
320×320 color display
Advanced built-in compatibility with Microsoft Outlook
Ability to create Word, Excel and PPT Files using Documents to Go application
Digital photos & MP3 (with expansion card)
E is for easy and economical
Blackberry 7230
Wireless email / Tri-BandGSM/GPRS wireless phone
High Resolution Color screen
Removable rechargeable battery: 4 hrs talk / 10 days standby
4.4 x 2.9 x 0.94 inches
Qwerty Keyboard & thumb wheel
Net browsing; attachment viewing
Integrated and hands free headset
$399 + service plan ($30-40)
The Truster Emotion Detector

Uses voice recognition to detect stress / tension / excitement
Real-time stress level display
9 levels of truthfulness, from “truth” to “avoidance” to “false statement”
Short calibration then analysis
Size of a small MP3 player
Includes batteries / wrist strap
Finger Print Lock
Rejection rate of 1 in a 1000
Over-ride by punching in personal number
Can add and delete up to 25 users
Battery runs up to 5000 openings
Alarm lets you know when battery is low
4 AA batteries
A safety-pin can be set from inside to de-activate the fingerprint sensor system
For emergencies, the lock can be opened using a password
UK/699 Pounds or $1,187
Logitech QuickcamOrbit Web Cam
Auto-tracking Web Cam
Moves side-to-side / up and down to track the user’s face
Auto zoom – Up to 3x zoom
Still photo capture 1.3 megapixel
640×480 video camera
9” stand – comes up to face level
Built in Microphone
Includes face tracking software
Uses UV-C to kill wide range of germs, bacteria, viruses & microorganisms – Method CDC recommended
Sanitizes toothbrushes, telephones, toilet seats, mice, keyboards and more
Apply ½” from surface for 4-5 seconds
4 AA batteries
6 ½” long. 4 oz.
AC Adaptor & toothbrush chamber available

USB Vibe Personal Massager
Multisurface massage head
3600 vibrations/min., 60 vibrations/sec
Hand held to focus at tension/pressure points
Instant automatic Check-in / Check-out
Works with any USB port on PC/Mac
6 ½ ft. cable

10 Night Vision Infrared technology sees up to five times farther than low-beam headlamps
Special camera-like sensor in the grille
Processes the data in real time
Translates it into a video image
Image is then projected onto your windshield
Currently used in Cadillac models
Bow-Lingual: Dog Translator
Barks digitized into voice print
Data tool that records 100 analyzed barks
Interprets barks into one of six different emotions
Medical checklist to keep your dog healthy
Programmed for over 80 breeds
Mode that monitors and records barks & emotions while you’re away
Carchip EX
Records up to 300 hours of trip detail the moment you begin to drive
Driving performance is continually recorded
Accident log (the last critical 20 seconds of speed)
Easy to install
Downloads info to your computer
Fits 1996 and newer models
Jolt Energy Gum
Automatically locks when PDA is cradled
Over 2 years of research: “Great flavor”
No bitter caffeine aftertaste
Flavors: Icy Mint & Spearmint
$9/”six pack”, 72 pieces
PRISMIQ Media Player Networked Entertainment Gateway
Plays (“streams”) PC mediafiles – Movie files, music files, digital photos on your TV / Stereo
Connects to home network and to your TV
DVD quality MPEG 1/2/4, DIVX, AVI video files
Remote control & PC software
Surf the Net / “IM” from your TV
Sony Universal Remote Control
Controls 18 audio/video components
Glows in the dark
Works with Sony & other brands
Batteries not included
Touchscreen LCD
$ 179

* Web Links: These links point to either the manufacturer’s website or a site where the noted gadget can be purchased. Links may disappear over time, but hopefully you’ll have enough information to locate the gadget in question.
** Note: Prices included here are for reference only, and are approximate, based on information available at the time these materials were compiled.

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* Barbara Fullerton is the Manager of Library Services of Locke Liddell & Sapp, LLP in Dallas, TX. Barbara has also worked as a electronic resources librarian for corporations and law firms. Barbara
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