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Margaret Berkland is the president of Data Vision Design, Inc., which specializes in providing IT solutions to the legal community. Founded in Fredericksburg, VA in 1989, Data Vision Design, Inc. provides services that include: applications development, business process design, applications integration, electronic file tracking and, access expedition. Prior to becoming the president of DataVision Design, Inc., Margaret was the Info. Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo .

Health Privacy Project

The Health Privacy Project was founded in 1997 and “is dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of ensuring health privacy in order to improve health care access and quality, both on an individual and a community level.” The website includes a list of introductory materials on health privacy in PDF format (Health Privacy Polling Data, Medical Privacy Stories, What You Can Do to Protect Your Privacy, and more), Federal Law (House and Senate bills, regulations, HPP comments on regulations and HPP Congressional testimony in PDF format), and State Law (summary of state health privacy laws in PDF format). The Resource section provides links to information at other related websites. The home page provides links to the latest news on health privacy and a link to join the listserv.


MapServer is a website from Maptech, Inc., a company that produces mapping products for land and air as well as marine. MapServer claims to be the largest online mapping resource for topographic maps and charts for land, sea, and air. You can search by city and state, zip code, or coordinates. A color topographic map, nautical chart, or aeronautical chart is then displayed. Using the MyMaps Wizard you can, you can mark and label a point of interest on any map, chart or aerial photo. The map can be saved, printed, e-mailed, used on a website or linked. There is a Help section and a Tutorial that is approximately 10 minutes in length.

Pollen Watch provides up-to-the minute information on the airborne allergen conditions in your local area. You can search for the four day allergy forecast for your area by entering your zip code. The color table displays the numeric level and an explanation of the low, medium, and high level ranges. The home page daily displays the five worst and best cities for allergy conditions with a link to each city and a running window of U.S. cities color coded with the pollen level for each city. The Allergy Information link leads to information pages on skin, food, drug, insect sting allergies, and hay fever. The Pollen Library link leads to information on allergenic plants. You can sign up for a free e-mail Allergy Alert. is a division of Surveillance Data, Inc.

Public Records Online

This “database is an information portal to official state websites, and those Tax Assessors’ and Recorders’ offices that have developed websites for the retrieval of available public records over the internet.” You enter the portal by clicking on your state of choice. This then leads you to the state page where you can select your county of choice or click on the links to the state resources.
You may find public records information such as deeds, parcel maps, GIS maps, tax data, ownership information, and indexes. Some Recorders’ offices have marriage and birth records available online. Many counties and parishes may not have data online, but many have home pages. If neither is available, a phone number is provided. Public Records Online is maintained by NETR Real Estate Research and Information (NETR), LLC. The company provides real estate research and information services nationwide.

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

This website is maintained by Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Assistant Dean for Systems, University of Houston, Library Administration. This scholarly electronic publishing bibliography presents selected English-language articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources that are useful in understanding this subject. Most of the resources have been published between 1990 and the present, with a few key sources published prior to 1990. Links are provided when resources are available on the Internet. You can locate materials via the table of contents, search with Boolean connectors, or use a drop down menu (JavaScript required) to navigate. The bibliography can be downloaded and printed (PDF). You can access a resource directory to locate related websites or a weblog.

West Virginia Supreme Court Recent Opinions Weblog

This weblog can be viewed by Recent Opinions or case topics: Civil, Criminal, or Family. Items are archived by the day they are posted. You can click on the bold calendar date to browse posts by day.

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