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In today’s world, technology gadgets are everywhere: the workplace, home, stores, churches, schools and government. Gadgets can make our lives easier, or as others have said, give us anxiety of gadget overload. At a panel presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries, four speakers picked their favorite gadgets to share with attending librarians and information managers. Granted, as time goes by, some of these gadgets will be outdated but still usable, just the same as gadgets in a kitchen.

For the panel presentation, four people were asked to each select fifteen gadgets to display and discuss. Each speaker had one minute to display a specific gadget, highlighting aspects of each gadget that could be useful in a legal or library setting. The members of this panel presentation were as follows:

  • Barbara Fullerton, Electronic Resources Librarian, Pioneer Hi-Bred International
  • Brian Neale, IT Director, Meyers Nave
  • Brian C. Roberts, Central Region Representative, LexisNexis
  • Roger V. Skalbeck, Technology Services Librarian, George Mason University

Click on the link below to view the PowerPoint presentation. In addition to providing a web-based version of the presentation, the panel offers some selected links below for gadget shopping, news about gadgets and resources for finding more information specific to your information environment.

Happy gadgeteering and we hope you find these materials useful.

View the PowerPoint Presentation from AALL 2001

Gadget Info & Shopping Sites

Brian Neale’s Favorite Vendors

Legal-Specific PDA Sites:

Stories about Gadgets:
Legal-Specific News and Stories from the Legal Press:
From the New York Times: (registration required)
Other Gadget-Related Stories:

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