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Attorney and author Kathy Biehl practiced law privately in Houston, Texas for 18½ years before relocating to New York City in 1998. She has taught legal research and writing at the University of Houston Law Center and business law at Rice University. A member of the State Bar of Texas, she earned a B.A. with highest honors from Southern Methodist University and a J.D. with honors from the University of Texas School of Law, where she was a member of Texas Law Review and Order of the Coif. She is co-author of The Lawyer’s Guide to Internet Research (Scarecrow Press, Nov. 2000), with Tara Calishain.

Each edition of Research Roundup will pull together related, practical online services that take outstanding advantage of the convenience and efficiency of the Internet.

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Almost all of the states make some level of Corporate and Business filings available online. In a few instances only limited information (such as name availability) is retrievable. The majority of the states, however, use their Web presence to disseminate a range of public business records — and most of them offer access at no charge.

This update adds two states and reflects changes that have been made in the previously listed databases. The scope of this roundup does not yet include tax filings. Taxing authorities are mentioned for two states (Maryland and New Jersey) because they offer the only online route to business organization and trade name information in those jurisdictions.

Unless otherwise stated, each database listed below is free. If a state is not on the list, it has not posted corporate records online.

Before using an online public records database, it’s always a good idea to look for a disclosure of how recently the information was updated.

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New Mexico
New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming


The Secretary of State allows online searching of its corporations, elections, home inspectors, notary public, and UCC records. The Secretarty of State Inquiry System includes non-profits, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, and registered limited liability partnerships.


The Division of Banking, Securities and Corporations (part of the Department of Community and Economic Development) gives online access to its searchable database of domestic and foreign corporate records, trademarks, and reserved or registered business names. Business search results include the entity’s status (such as bankrupt, cancelled, merged out of existence, or voluntarily withdrawn).


The Secretary of State’s Corporation Commission’s Corporations Division has transformed the State of Arizona Public Access System (STARPAS) database of corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, trademarks, and trade names from a subscription to a free service. The Secretary of State also maintains searchable databases of UCC filings, lobbyists, notaries, and registered telephone solicitors. It offers a name availability search tool that combs the corporate, LLC, limited partnership, trademark, and trade name registrations.


The Secretary of State maintains searchable databases of corporations, as well as banks and insurance companies, home builders, trademarks, co-operatives, home inspectors, and notaries. The Secretary of State accepts online incorporation and UCC filings from account holders with the Information Network of Arkansas.


The Secretary of State’s Business Portal offers online searchable databases of corporate, limited partnership and LLC records. The office now accepts electronic filing of Statement of Officers forms, which requires payment by credit card.


The Secretary of State now offers Web access to its business entity, trademark and trade name records. This database replaces the previous Direct Access service, which was by subscription only. Other records available online include c ampaign contribution and expenditure reports and r egistered professional lobbyists.


The Secretary of the State’s Concord On-Line (also called Concord on the Net) offers access to corporate and UCC filings from 7 AM to 11 PM Eastern time.


The Division of Corporations now accepts electronic UCC-1 and -3 filings.


To search records for corporations, general, limited, and limited liability partnerships, trademarks, UCC filings, federal liens, and fictitious names, use the Secretary of State’s Sunbiz utility, which provides digital images of the actual documents on file. Sunbiz also accepts corporate, limited partnership, LLC, fictitious name registration, Uniform Business Report, and UCC filings online. Users who do not have a Sunbiz E-file Account may pay by check or credit card, either of which entails an additional convenience fee.


The Corporations Division of the Secretary of State retrieves business entity information by name, agent, or officer. It accepts online annual registrations, as well as requests for name reservations, registration renewals, status certificates, and certified copies. The page also has a searchable trademark database.


The eGovernment Services include searching for business names and certificates of good standing.


The Secretary of State retrieves business entity information by a variety of criteria, including the name or address of the entity or its registered agent, filing number, or date of origination. The office’s Commercial Division has a searchable database of UCC filings.


The Secretary of State Business Services page allows online searching of corporate and LLC name availability, as well as of the corporate and LLC filing database. For those who prefer an e-mail response, the office has an online name availability inquiry form.


The Secretary of State’s Business Services Online has added monthly listings of new incorporations to its features, which also permit searching for business entities by name, checking name availability, and obtaining Certificates of Existence or Authorization (which you may print straight from the site). Orders for the entire Business Entity Database are possible as well. Each service entails a nominal fee, which is lower for subscribers to the premium services of Access Indiana Information Network.


The Secretary of State makes its entire filings database available online, including corporate names, officers, stock, agents, and addresses, as well as trademarks. The office also has searchable databases of notary and UCC records . (The searchable UCC archives are at The office accepts electronic UCC filings from account holders.


Access to corporate and UCC records is available by subscribing to the Information Network of Kansas.


The Secretary of State’s site permits searching for business name availability; corporate status, registered agent and address, officers, and assumed names; or LLC members or managers. A searchable database of UCC filings is also available.


The Secretary of State Commercial Division Corporations Section offers a database of business and individual names, registered agents, and trademarks.


The Secretary of State’s Bureau of Corporations has a database of corporate and protected business names, which includes the ID number, clerk or agent name, mailing address and date of incorporation or filing. To obtain plain or certified copies of filings and certificates of good standing or existence, users must subscribe to InforMEM, the Information Resource of Maine.


The Department of Assessments and Taxation provides the name, principal address, agent, and business personal property information for corporations, LLCs, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, and trade names. This database also includes registered names. The same office has a searchable database of UCC filings. The Secretary of State maintains databases of registered trademarks and charitable organizations.


Direct Access, a subscription service of the Corporations Division provides public information about corporations, limited partnerships, LLCs, limited liability partnerships, and business trusts, as well as tax and child support liens and Uniform Commercial Code filings.


The Corporation Division of the Bureau of Commercial Services has put its corporations, limited partnership, and LLC database online, but access is availably only through fee-based services such as LEXIS-NEXIS, CDB Infotek, or Information America. An online document filing system called MICH-ELF is available.


The Secretary of State offers electronic access to its business and UCC databases by subscription. For subscription information, visit .


The Secretary of State’s Business Services Division offers a free service called CorpSnap, which provides information by business ID or name. The notary public page offers databases of both notaries and notary employers.


The Secretary of State posts its business entity database at . It covers more than 304 types of domestic and foreign business organizations (including profit, non-profit, close, and professional corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and partnerships), fictitious names, and name reservations.


The Secretary of State offers public access to UCC records for a monthly fee. It’s necessary to register for the service and apply for a pre-paid account.


The Secretary of State offers a subscription service, Nebrask@Online, for access to online databases of public filings – business entity, UCC, drivers license, sales and use tax, and vehicle title, lien and registration records. A subscription includes the right to make some filings (such as UCC) online. Subscription information packets are available on e-mail request.


The Secretary of State Commercial Recordings Division’s corporations database is searchable by name, registered agent, officer, or file number.

New Jersey

The Division of Revenue’s Business Gateway Services has three search engines: one for the registered business entity database (called Status Report Lookups), which discloses status and business addresses for registered business entities, one for name availability, reservation and registration, and one for the UCC filings database. The service requires registration and imposes a fee for status reports or registering a name, but does permit browsing at no charge. The One Stop Business Filing and Registration service accepts online filings to create corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships, as well as to qualify foreign businesses in the state.

New Mexico

To search the state’s corporate records by entity or director name, use the inquiry form at the Public Regulation Commission page. The Secretary of State’s site permits online viewing of images in its UCC filings database.

New York

The Secretary of State‘s corporation and business entity database contains information about corporations, nonprofits, limited partnerships, LLCs, limited liability partnerships, and undefined “miscellaneous” entities.

North Carolina

The Secretary of State’s Corporations Division covers corporations, LLCs, and limited partnerships in its searchable databases. It’s possible to search for name reservations and the latest incorporations by date or county. Use the Search by Corporation Name link to check on name availability (as well as pull up business entity data). There is also a search engine for registered agents. The UCC database is at

North Dakota

The Secretary of State’s business records database covers corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, partnership fictitious names, trade names, trademarks, and real estate investment trusts. It includes records that have been deactivated in the previous 12 months (as well as all active records). The Office of Administration & Licensing maintains a searchable database of licensed charitable organizations. The Central Indexing Division has a fee-based Direct Access system for its UCC, farm products, and miscellaneous filings.


The Secretary of State’s registered business database is searchable by entity name, charter or registration number, agent or contact name, prior business name, document number, or document number. It includes corporations, professional associations, churches, foreign corporations and name registrations, business and real estate trusts, fictitious and trade names, LLCs, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, trademarks, and name reservations. UCC and campaign finance databases are also available. The databases consist of images of the documents on file.


The Secretary of State Corporation Division has developed an online version of its Business Registry database. It is searchable by business name or entity number. The U CC database uses old Article 9 search logic.


The Department of State offers only a searchable database of registered charitable organizations. Business name availability requests are accepted by e-mail through the Pennsylvania Open For Business site.

Rhode Island

The Secretary of State has searchable databases for active and inactive corporations. The search options include keywords from the purpose statement. The office also posts the latest incorporation filings, by week, and offers a searchable database of notaries.

South Carolina

The Secretary of State has moved its corporate filings from a dial-up Direct Access system to an online database that is searchable by corporation name or registered agent. The UCC and notary databases have not yet made the transition.

South Dakota

The Secretary of State’s subscription-based Dakota Fast File system allows online filing of and access to UCC, Effective Financing Statement, and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe lien records. An alternative version for occasional users, Dakota Fast File Expa, was in the works earlier this year, but the site no longer mentions it.


The Secretary of State has searchable databases of business name availability; information about domestic and registered corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, and LLPs; trademarks; and UCC filings.


The Secretary of State has set up a fee-based program for its database of corporate, limited partnership, LLC, assumed name, trademark and UCC filings. Instead of a subscription, the program requires a deposit, from which per-search charges are deducted. Account holders may use dial-up connections or Telnet into the system from the Website.


Run business entity, name availability, registered principal and UCC filing searches at the Commerce Department’s Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. Some information is free (name, registered agent, address, and history), while principal information involves a per-search charge. Certificates of Existence are also available, for a fee. Fee-based services require registration with e Utah .


From the Secretary of State’s Corporations page you can search business name reservations and foreign corporation registrations; obtain the officers, registered agents, and addresses of registered corporations; determine the owner of a registered trademark or trade name; retrieve UCC filings by debtor or keyword; and search databases of notaries, election results, lobbyists, and professional licenses.


The Office of the Clerk of the Corporation Commission offers no-charge access to its corporate, limited partnership, LLC, and UCC filings database through Direct Access. An application is necessary to receive a User ID and password for the system.


The Secretary of State’s Corporations Division posts searchable registration information for corporations, limited partnerships, LLCs, and LLPs. This database is updated only weekly. The Secretary of State also maintains a searchable database of registered charitable organizations, which is updated daily.

West Virginia

The Secretary of State Corporations Division’s Business Organizations Information System covers active and terminated corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, business trusts, and other registered entities; trade names, name reservations and registrations; and some (but not all) registered trademarks. (The purpose of trademark inclusion is to prevent business entities from adopting a name that infringes on a trademark; while the Secretary of State’s trademark database is not online, the office will accept e-mail requests for searches.) The Corporations Division accepts e-mail orders for copies, good standing certificates, certificates of existence, and officer searches.


The Department of Financial Institutions’ Corporate Registration Information System (CRIS) provides the status, selected information from charter documents (excluding names and addresses of officers and directors), and locator numbers of filed annual reports for domestic and foreign business and nonstock corporations, cooperative associations, limited partnerships, LLCs, LLPs, and common law trusts. Read the Name Availability Guide before using CRIS to check on proposed business names.


The Secretary of State offers a searchable database of corporate, LLC, limited partnership, statutory trust, unincorporated nonprofit association, reserved name, trade name, and trademark records.

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