Newstand – April 2000

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MS Breakup Proposal Could be Good News for Investors, April 28, 2000

Nasdaq Sues Cybersquatter, April 28, 2000

RIAA Wins Suit Against, April 28, 2000

Yahoo Casts Wide Net to Protect Domain Name, April 27, 2000

Government Lawyers Try to Rally Dissenters, April 27, 2000

DOJ, States to File Jointly on Microsoft, April 24, 2000

DOJ Leans Toward Microsoft Breakup, April 24, 2000

COPPA Costs Too High for Some Sites, April 24, 2000

Sites Brace for COPPA Fallout, April 20, 2000

Justice Official Wants Politics Kept out of Microsoft Antitrust Case, April 20, 2000

Ballmer: Microsoft Didn’t Break Law, April 19, 2000

Treasury Chief Warns of Cyber Threats, April 19, 2000

Five Charged with Distributing Child Porn on Online, April 16, 2000

Record Encryption Puzzle Cracked- Finally, April 14, 2000

Metallica’s Napster Hit: ‘Enter Lawman’, April 14, 2000

Amazon Sued for Patent Infringement, April 13, 2000 Presses Battle with Lexis, April 12, 2000

Bush Flap Misfires on Microsoft, April 11, 2000

Thomson’s West Group Recasts and Expands Business News Service as Westnews, April 10, 2000

Will MS Lose Browser Rights, April 10, 2000

The Week in Review: Microsoft at a Loss, April 8, 2000

Digital Signatures a Threat to Privacy? April 7, 2000

Judge May Speed Resolution off Microsoft Case, April 5, 2000

AOL Sued by Small Rival Over ‘Monopoly,’ April 4, 2000

Verdict Stings Microsoft, April 3, 2000

New Virus Can Wipe Out Hard Drives, April 2, 2000

Microsoft Case Bounced Back to Courts, April 2, 2000

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