Newstand – March 2000

Breaking News

DOJ Subpoenas eBay Unit, March 31, 2000

Patent Office Changing Net Rules, March 29, 2000

Stephen King E-Book Pirated, March 29, 2000

MS Judge: ‘Make a Deal by April 6,’ March 28, 2000

Government Rejects Microsoft Settlement, Prepares for Verdict March 27, 2000

Hackers Settle Cyber Patrol Suit, March 27, 2000

MS Foes Cry, ‘Break Em Up, March 27, 2000

MS Judge: “Settle It or I Will,” March 24, 2000

Libel Ruling Protects Web Site Archives, March 23, 2000

MS-DOJ Making Progress, March 23, 2000

E-Crime is Booming, March 22, 2000

Amazon Flames ALL About Nada, March 17, 2000.

Furor Over Virginia E-Biz Law, March 17, 2000

The Net is Still Leaving Some Disconnected, March 16, 2000

A Little More Privacy, Eh? March 16, 2000

Google Extends Search Service with Addition of Netscape’s Open Directory Project, March 15, 2000

President of Lexis-Nexis Steps Down, March 15, 2000

Network Solutions Hit with $1.7 Billion Suit, March 14, 2000

Washington State Judge Rules that State’s Junk E-Mail Law is Unconstitutional, March 14, 2000

New Domain Arbitration Rules Get Results, March 14, 2000

Tribune Company Buys Times Mirror, Creating 3rd Largest Newspaper Company in the U.S., March 13, 2000

Microsoft, Andersen Consulting Form $1 Billion Joint Venture March 13, 2000

CGMI to Take Altavista Public in April, March 10, 2000

Employees Fired for Inappropriate Internet Use, March 10, 2000

DOJ-The Electronic Frontier: The Challenge of Unlawful Conduct Involving the Use of the Internet, March 9, 2000

28 States Discuss Collecting Net Taxes, March 9, 2000

Clinton Report on Cybercrime Criticized, March 9, 2000

Judge Issues Injunction Against iMac Clones, March 8, 2000

E-Commerce Failure Rate is 28%, March 7, 2000

Dialog’s WebCheck Launches Internet Searching Revolution, March 6, 2000.

Westlaw/Lexis Hit With Price-Fixing Claim, March 6, 2000

DoubleClick Reverses on Privacy, March 3, 2000

Poll: Hack Attacks Dent E-Confidence, March 3, 2000

Another Amazon Patent Furor, March 2, 2000

Yahoo! Charged with Blocking Rivals, March 1, 2000

U.S. Wants Less Web Anonymity March 1, 2000

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