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Margaret's Bio BlackStump Web Development Page

This Website, maintained by Peter Garriga, provides links to Web development sites. Some of the topics covered are Active Server, Active X, Animated Images, Dynamic HTML, E-Commerce, Frames, FrontPage, HTML, Java, Java Script, and XML.

How to Obtain Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates: Where to Write for Vital Records

This Website is maintained by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Address and price information is provided for obtaining vital records information from the 50 states, the Canal Zone, Guam, and Puerto Rico. You can download and print the information as a 156 KB PDF document using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. claims to be the “The Ultimate Multi-Engine People Search.” There are four types of searches available: PeopleSearch Deluxe (multi-window, search by name across all major search engines); PeopleSearch Reverse Lookup (multi-window, search people by their phone number, e-mail address, or street address across all major search engines); PeopleSearch Classic (frame version, search by name across all major search engines); and PeopleSearch International (multi-window, search by name(outside the U.S.) across all major search engines)

Search IQ

This site has an extensive collection of search engine reviews. There is a subject arranged directory of specialized search engines. Seventeen search engines have rankings and complete reviews. There are links to all of the search engines.

The State Court Locator

This Website is provided by Villanova University School of Law. The site provides links to homepages and opinions by state judiciaries.


The Website is “a guide to links for Web Masters, Web designers, and Web producers.” The site is arranged into thirteen topics that are broken down into subtopics with links to particular items under each subtopic. Some of the topics are Site Tools, Design, Development and Programming, EBusiness and Annoyances. Some subtopics included are Spam, Women’s Organizations, Online Universities & Training, ISP Lists, Log Statistics, Legal, Fonts, Flash, and XML.

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