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(Archived October 1, 1999)

Margaret's Bio American Translators Association Translation Services Directory

This directory may be searched by last name, translators (by language combination, by subject expertise), interpreters (by language combination at a minimum), and advanced search. ATA accredited translators and interpreters are noted and information concerning the ATA accreditation is provided. Some of the information provided about translators is name address, phone, fax, e-mail, services, education, experience, areas of specialization, native language, language combinations, and ATA information. Advanced search allows you to select some of these fields to narrow your search.

DoD Almanac

This Web site is a almanac providing facts and statistics concerning DoD personnel, organization, equipment, and funding. The information was compiled by the American Forces Information Service and official sources of the DoD. The Almanac is divided into four sections: Organization (biographical information about key departments’ and agencies’ personnel), Money (overview of the DoD portion of the U.S. budget and how the money is spent), People (statistics about uniformed and civilian personnel), and Forces & Weapons (charts and tables of information). Links to related sources are provided.

Identity Theft Resources

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Identity Theft Resources is a nonprofit consumer information Web site. It is a project of the Utility Consumers’ Action Network. The Web site provides links to fact sheets on dealing with identity theft, links to identity theft cases and other identity theft resources. There are links to credit reporting agencies. The Clearing house seeks to “raise consumers’ awareness of how technology affects personal privacy.

NIRA’s World Directory of Think Tanks

NIRA’s World Directory of Think Tanks is produced by the National Institute for Research Advancement. The directory is arranged alphabetically by geographic area and country. Information provided for the 289 institutions includes areas of research, funding sources, staff, availability of findings and contact information.

The Paperboy

The Paperboy claims to have 2,594 newspapers accessible from its Web site. You may search a newspaper by paper name, town/city and/or country. You may perform a search by state for U.S. newspapers. News services may also be searched. You may search the U.S. or UK editions separately. There are links to current news headlines, top news by Reuters, and subject news links.

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