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This site is for attorneys who are seeking professional office space or have extra office space to share and are not looking for traditional leases. Searching the listings is free. Placing a listing is free until July 15, 1999. The site claims to be updated constantly.


This site aims to assist people “by answering questions about PC computers and their problems with them.” By clicking on “About PC Crisis Line”, you can learn about the staff and owners of the firm. “What the Experts Say” provides blurbs from pc journals reviewing the site. The are charges for using for asking questions of the site’s experts, but if your problem is not solved, you are not charged. You can submit a question by e-mail or call 1-800-828-4358.


Tech-Agreements is a service site from Socratek L.L.C. You can select from a topical list of agreements from internet industry deals or search by company name for an agreement. Website hosting agreements are among the many types of contracts available. There is a $35.00 charge for each contract downloaded. Review the “About the Service” link to find more details about Tech-Agreements.

The Year 2000 Challenge: A Guide for Home Computers

This site can assist pc owners in determining the readiness of their pc for the Year 2000. There are sections that explain the Year 2000 issue, help you explore the three parts of your pc, list action steps to take with your computer, and a learning more area with quick tips, FAQ’s, a glossary, y2k links and more.

The Wall Street Journal Interactivo

The Wall Street Journal Interactivo is the Spanish language resource for business news. There are also links to many newspaper headlines of the major Latin American daily papers. The site can also be viewed in Portuguese.

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