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Margaret's Bio CERT Coordination Center

This is a federally funded Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute Website. The CERT Coordination Center studies Internet security vulnerabilities, provides incident response services to Websites victimized by attacks, publishes security alerts, does security and survivability research in WAN computing, and develops information to improve Website security. There are many valuable links to CERT information at this website: CERT Advisories, Incident Notes, Vulnerability Notes, Security Improvement Notes, Tech Tips, CERT Statistics to name a few. You can subscribe to CERT security alerts via e-mail.

Creative Quotations

This Website is maintained by Franklin C. Baer who developed the idea while living in Zaire (now the Congo) in 1986. Mr. Baer has advanced degrees in tropical medicine and international health systems. The included quotations come from famous creative people. You can search the Website, look at any of several indexes, browse for quotations by topic, theme, or special collection or select a quote by month or day. Sources for each quotation are given.

E-ref Characteristics

This Website was developed by Sara K. Weissman of the Reference Dept. of Morris County Library. It provides observations and tips on how to provide reference service via the Internet. These tips are gleaned from years of experience in this type of reference service.

Getting Through Customs

This Website provides handy tips on a variety topics useful in doing business abroad. Some topics covered are drinking customs, how to dress, cultural IQ, business tips, gestures, gifts, greetings and terms of address, plus many more.

Public Record

The Website links to free government records sites which include state, county, and federal links. There is also a reverse telephone directory link to

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