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(Archived April 30, 1999)

Margaret's Bio American FactFinder

American FactFinder “is a new data access and dissemination system” that allows the user to find and retrieve information for the largest data sets at the U.S. Census Bureau. The site is arranged in five sections: Facts about My Community; Population and Housing Facts; Census Bureau Products; Maps; Industry and Business Facts; and Search FactFinder. The user can access data by Quick items, Detailed tables, or Build a query. A full explanation of these methods of access is contained on the “About American FactFinder” page. In mid-1999, the user will be able to customize tabulations from microdata files.

CRS Reports

This has almost 300 CRS Reports placed online by Senator Tom Daschle. The reports can be searched by keyword or browsed by subject, name, or number. The reports can be viewed in plain text or pdf format.

Defense Aerospace News

This site provides current news, access CBO, DoD, GAO, Congressional reports and more. The communiqués section has announcements from companies and governments on such items as orders, technology, and new reports. There are also links to national government and international organization defense websites.

The European Union: A Guide for Americans

With this site, the EU provides an seven chapter explanation of the European Union. There is also A Timeline of European Integration, Websites, Publications, and Other Information Sources and a Euro Quiz. There is a link for requesting a printed copy of the guide.


The site is a joint project of the National Cable Television Association and Tech Corps, a national non-profit group which assists schools with their technology efforts. There is a basic tutorial for the Internet as well as tutorials on web browsers, internet addresses, navigation, electronic mail, Telnet, FTP, finding things, image files, sound files, movie files, newsgroups, mail lists, chat groups, teleconferencing, distance learning, html, easy html, Java and CGI. Illustrations and samples are provided. The site is intended for the use of teachers or students, but it is a useful resource for anyone wishing to learn about the Internet.

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