Newstand – February 1999

(Archived March 15, 1999)

PC Magazine

Top 100 Web Sites
PC Magazine’s annual review of the top 100 web sites in 20 different categories including reference, shopping, search engines, etc.

PC World Online, January 27, 1999

Here’s How – 50 Killer Browser Tips
Are you controlling your browser, or is it controlling you? Here are some handy tips for making your browser do what YOU want it to.

Searcher, January 1999

The Internet Express – Searchers Net Treasure in Monterey
Search engines and meta-data were hot topics at Internet Librarian.

Enfish Tracker Pro – A Cure for Info Overload?
If you know you have that vital piece of information on your hard drive somewhere, but you’re not sure where, Enfish Tracker Pro might be able to help you out.

Alta Vista Plans $60 Million Campaign
Alta Vista will launch an aggressive push into the e-commerce market.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Sizes
Not surprisingly, these statistical charts indicate that the larger the index, the more comprehensive the number of pages available to the searcher.

New York Times, CyberTimes

For Microsoft, Humbled May Not Mean Defeated, Feb. 28, 1999.
Has Microsoft been indelibly damaged by the DOJ’s David Boise and his relentless questioning of witnesses?

Intel Pentium III Processor Makes Its
, Feb. 27, 1999.

“Under a growing cloud of controversy about an embedded identification number – and in the face of the most competitive market the Intel Corporation has faced – the company’s powerful new microprocessor, the Pentium III, began appearing on store shelves Friday in computers priced as low as $1,599.”

Lawmakers Renew Encryption Battle, Feb. 26, 1999.
A new bill, the Security and Freedom through Encryption Act (SAFE), lifts the Clinton Administration’s export controls on the data scrambling technology.

Y2K Liability Laws Introduced, Feb. 24, 1999.
A bipartisan bill sponsored by House members would limit litigation, lawyers’ fees and damages from breakdowns related to the Year 2000 computer problem. A similar bill is being prepared in the Senate.

Privacy Groups Seek Recall of Intel Chip, 1/29/99.
The FTC is being pressed by advocacy groups to recall the new Pentium III chip due to its use of an identification feature which compromises user privacy.

Minnesota’s New Chief Pushes Net as Political Tool, 1/29/99.
Jesse Ventura is using an e-mail member list to rally his supporters and lobby the legislature.

Inflated Stock Cushion Pitfalls of Net Mergers, 1/29/99.
The belief that a small group of companies will dominate the Web market is fueling the value of their stock, and encouraging this cadre to make this concept a reality.

U.S. Computer Industry Grows Again, 1/29/99.
Compaq Computer leads the continued growth in the computer industry worldwide. Here in the U.S., 37% of all households are connected to the Web.

In Version Confusion the Customer Loses, 1/21/99.
Vendors are producing new software and hardware at such as fast pace that customers are often left to struggle to keep up.

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