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Margaret's Bio The Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

This site provides links to the ASBCA Charter, Rules of the ASBCA, Decisions (1999, and a few in 1996), and biographies of the judges.

AddALL Book Searching and Price Comparison

At this site, you can search and compare book prices at 34 book stores. The searcher selects from a pull down lists of shipping destinations, currencies, search and then a field to enter words to search. This site is not owned by any bookstore. The searches are run across the databases of the major stores.

InterShipper: the Universal Shipping Calculator

This site assists the user in determining the best price to ship a package. You enter location, destination zip or postal codes, weight and measurements of the package to display a list of prices from all the major shippers in the world. The list is sorted by price and uses a color code to show approximate transit time. Each shipper is linked to more detailed information about the shipper plus a link to the shipper’s website.

InterCat: A Catalog of Internet Resources

This is a searchable database of bibliographic records for Internet resources cataloged by libraries throughout the world. Records include Internet access information. Many resources may be accessed by clicking the underlined portion of the “Electronic Access” field.

FCC Common Carrier Bureau Enforcement Division

This site provides a wealth of information about telephone companies and their services. Some of the items covered are 10-10-XXX Access Code Calling, Area Code Changes, Cramming, Scorecard Reports–Telephone Company Performance Information, Slamming of Telephone Service, and State Regulatory Agencies.

Year 2000 Lawsuits and Arbitrations That Have Been Filed

This site is sponsored by the Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel. It has a brief description of lawsuits and arbitrations with links to documents associated with them. The status of the cases are given: settled, dismissed etc., as well as noting new cases added to the site. There are links to other sources of Y2K litigation.

Year 2000 State & Federal Legislative Proposals and Lawsuits

This site is maintained by the Information Technology Association of American, a computer industry trade association. The site has links to State Liability Bills, Federal Y2k Bills, State Funding Bills, and Year 2000 Lawsuits. There is a table listing the bill (with bill number) or lawsuit (filed or pending) (with citation) that in includes a summary and current status of the bill or lawsuit. There are links to the bills and cases if they exist.

Web Searching,Sleuthing and Sifting

Here is another tutorial for learning what the World Wide Web is and how to effectively search it. The course consists of six lessons covering, web directories, evaluation of resources, web indexes and search engines, Boolean and field searching, searching for special formats, searching for images, and using multi-search engines. The site is provided by The Sage Colleges.

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