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(Archived February 1, 1999)

California Code of Regulations

This site can be browsed or searched by agency and title. All 27 titles of the regulations are included except Title 24-California Building Standards. This is an unofficial version of the regulations put online by West Group who publishes the Barclays official version.

Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet

This site presents a 12 section, 48 topic tutorial on effective Internet searching. It was compiled by the desktop Internet search software developers of Mata Hari. The tutorial can be viewed online or downloaded in Word 6.0 or PDF formats. There are comparisons of search engines, explanations of search strategy, specialty searches, Boolean searches and much more. This is a very in depth tutorial that is well worth the time needed to read it.

Kime’s International Law Directory

This site is produced by the British publisher, Sweet & Maxwell. Kime’s claims to have “reliable and up-to-date information on approximately 650 law firms and chambers throughout the world, covering nearly 250 countries.” Entries include: country and city heading with links to relevant country notes; names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail; firm areas of practice; names of partners; identity of consultants; addresses of branch offices or agents; languages spoken in the firm; and relevant reading. Country notes cover practitioners’ designations, educational requirements, the current legal system, and information on the enforcement of foreign judgements


The Euro-Calculator has the official conversion rates, but since it is a Europa site it only performs conversions for the eleven member states. Use the OANDA Currency Converter to obtain US/Euro conversion rates.

Supreme Court Guide

Besides articles about the current Supreme Court and its cases, there are links to past NYT articles. There is a list of the top 10 Supreme Court cases with links to some of the decisions. There is biographical information for the justices and the docket for the current term. A link to information for the 1997-98 term is included as well as an icon for other related website links.

TRAC: Telecommunications Research & Action Center

TRAC is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, membership organization located in Washington, D.C. It mission is to promote the interests of residential telecommunications customers. TRAC publishes Tele-Tips Residential and Small Business Long Distance Charts. The first page offers links to recent news and TRAC’s Hot Tips. Click on the Long Distance Calling Plan icon and find tips on pre-paid calling cards, telephone slamming, and more. There is a WebPricer Call Cost Calculator that allows you to compare plans from eight major long distance carriers. TRAC publications descriptions and order information is provided.


This site allows the user to check the words of any online document for definition or meaning. To perform the check the user enters the text or a URL. You can select an acronym, computer, or medical dictionary as well as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary or Thesaurus as the source of the definitions. Voycabulary will also translate words from more than 12 languages.

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